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Join us for upcoming eChai Breakfast Social in Bhopal on 24th Feb 2023.

Key information before signing up :

1. There’s no registration fee, show up bring vibes and pay for your own food.

2. All information will be shared on email, be on lookout for same.

3. Mutual respect is of most importance and it starts w showing up on time for the event and timely registration for better planning.

We have limited seats, for small groups with key insights and candid conversation.

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eChai Ventures Jatin Chaudhary
dhandha chota ho ya bada dhandha hota hai, the use of #smallbusiness around women entrepreneurs is something I have never related to!

No dis but have you ever seen a man calling whatver they’re doing small? From thinking to start, to actually believe in your product, showing up everyday despite financial, operational impediments it takes confidence to step up. And none of the anxiety and tremors one goes through ain’t small.

Confidence sometimes come from within but as human we are vicarious learners. It’s not a sob story that I put forward but rather a perspective - no effort put in business is small.

Unlike businesses set by experienced consultants, bagging funding on nothing businesses run by women from home are frugal and community based.

Giving labels and comparing is not the goal.

Let’s just not call women run businesses small? #notsosmallbusiness

Today was a beautiful day in Bhopal’s Upvanam,as it’s been 6 months of regularly doing eChai Ventures Breakfast Social and seeing my goal become reality is just IT.

Meet my entrepreneur comrades, 3 of 7392 present today!

Isha , Founder Ithiha Gifting
Shuchika, Co-Founder Koozagari
Soumya, NES Studio

Loved how everyone came to support and shop!

It is true, it takes a community for a woman to succeed ✨ cheers to all

Be the change you want to see!

Growing SOQO w little to nothing in a tier 2 city with a fledging startup ecosystem looked like the most impossible task, no one to look around, no one to aspire, no motivation and no empathy.

But that’s the thing, night is the darkest before sunrise. What you are seeking is seeking you, or do we say hungry hardworking entrepreneurs of Bhopal coming together for eChai Ventures Breakfast Social regularly every two weeks to be friends. No questions, no demands. Only good food, small groups and candid conversations.

My fav part of breakfast is morning energy of entrepreneurs, fresh and because we’re all in same boat hence without boundaries.

We talk. We talk about failure, getting into cycle of work after long break, mental health, hiring, lived experiences etc.

Good to just know, we’re all in same boat.

Wise words of Prerna Taneja today at the table “take it one day at a time”. And today was that one day we all met for nothing but meeting. :)

In frame

Sneh Nigam
Founder Mindcafe India

Meenal Rai Shejwar
Founder Amado

Vaibhav Kapoor
Director, RGIM Business School

Arihant Arya
Director, Glafix

HitartH Shrivastava
Founder, Bazarville
Co-Founder, F for Fries

Aman Talreja
Co-Founder, Seesaw

Kanika Gupta
Co-Founder, Seesaw

Amrita Bhama
Founder, Summer Stich

Prerna Taneja
Founder, The Zappy Box

and ofc me my and I haha, Founder SOQO

To many more breakfasts together!
The journey of entrepreneurship with eChai Ventures has been like navigating through a maze illuminated by candid conversations.

It’s been 6/7 months of hosting much loved Breakfast Social in Bhopal. Building SOQO I always longed for a community, their insights, support and network.

While the path may not always be paved with gold, our small group meet-ups have been a beacon of hope.

Saw so many people collaborating outside our meet-ups. What little people understand about building community is faster returns on time spent.

They say together, we forge connections and share experiences, reminding ourselves that success is not just about going fast, but about going far - and going far together.

Here's to eChai Ventures for providing the platform for meaningful connections and collective growth. 

Here’s to people who make it better, coz so much can be achieved by just showing up ✨

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