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KiviHealth - Online healthcare marketplace

Bhanu Mahajan and Rajandeep Singh are co-founders of KiviHealth - healthcare startup which helps you find and book online appointments with doctors and labs. Buy online medicines and save your health records digitally.

Here is an insightful and candid conversation - an eChai with Bhanu and Rajandeep.

Tell us more about your team?

Startup is co-founded by two ISB alumni with experience in medical domain and product technology field. Two Co-Founders are Bhanu Mahajan and Rajandeep Singh

Bhanu Mahajan

Bhanu is a medical graduate who left a highly competitive surgery residency position in US to enroll for a management course at ISB and later pursue his enterprenurial dream. He brings with him 5 years of diverse experince in healthcare delivery, medical research, and healthcare consulting sectors. Post ISB, Bhanu joined Max Healthcare at a strategy role in the newly formed Transformation Office, leading a HR related project and was reporting directly to Sr. Director – Strategy, Max India. Bhanu also has two publications and eleven conference papers and presentations in leading journals and international conferences to his name.

Rajandeep Singh

Rajan finished his MBA from ISB in April 2014 majoring in Finance. Post ISB till Oct 2014 he was working with Capillary Technologies as part of Senior Management where he was trying to scale the business of this Retail startup. During ISB he did a consulting project with Max Ventures to setup their new hospitality business and worked on a consulting project with InMobi on Mobile Advertising. Prior to ISB Rajan has 5.5 years of experience in software product development with Microsoft and ST Microelectronics. He is a diehard technology enthusiast and brings broad level product insights owing to his expertise in product ideation and strategy formulation.


We have a strong in-house 5 member software development team, comprising of developers from some of the best engineering colleges of Gujarat such as DA-IICT, MSU etc.

How did you come up with the idea of 'KiviHealth' ?

One of the Co-Founder is a doctor himself. While seeing patients he thought there should be some better mechanism for doctor to see previous information of the patient. Last year he had slip disc then he faced lot of problems that a patient normally faces as he was advised surgery but he wanted a second opinion. At every clinic he had to carry his reports and say what others doctor had diagnosed. So came an idea about a healthcare information exchange platform between doctors, patients & labs

What problem are you solving?

There is no single platform that provides consolidation of health information for a patient across Doctors, Labs and Pharmacies. This leads to loss of important medical information, which leads to - delayed medical diagnosis, inadequate medical treatment, redundant tests, difficulty in tracking family health records & deferred preventive healthcare. This problem right now is faced by most of the doctors and patients

How does it work?

We have a web plus mobile solution for doctors and patients. Our web platform is and our patient app is available at . Our doctor

We are following a three – pronged approach

  • Digitization, information capture, tracking and management
  • Communication between different stakeholders`
  • Healthcare discovery.

Solution is made keeping the patient in mind. Solution is user friendly and easy to adapt to.

What is your target market?

Doctor – a doctor who wants to increase his business, is 30-40 years of age, wants to engage better with his customers and is from specialties With non-emergency treatments such as Dentists, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology etc

Ideal Doctor Persona –

  • Dr Rohan Shah,
  • 25-45 years of age,
  • planning to stay engaged with patient always,
  • working at 60-70% utilization of his time,
  • From procedural specialities such as Dentist, Dermatologist etc
  • adopter of technology

Patient – Chronic patient who wants to keep track of his health. Health savvy people who want to create their own medical timeline

Patient Persona –

1st Persona

  • Jinal Patel,
  • 35 years of age, Female
  • Has a chronic – Thyroid problem,
  • Is an informed patient
  • Uses technology in daily life

2nd Persona

  • Fitness freak, gets himself regularly checked to see if any issues

3rd Persona

  • 35 year old father maintaining information for five year old son and for 65 year old father 

What is your competitive advantage?

There is no active player with solution of one patient one record. Present solutions in the market are very clinic focussed. There are few big groups who are talking about one patient one record view combining doctors, patients, labs and pharmacies. We have an advantage of being early mover and having a strong in-house developer team. Healthcare is one of last industries that is yet to be disrupted so it will require thought leadership as well

How much time did it take you from conceptualization of 'your venture' to actually launching it in the market ?

From conceptualization it took us four months to launch our MVP in market. Product has gone many iterations since launch and we have gained a small amount of traction. Product has lot of dependence on technology as we would have to keep innovating on engagement, information capture and information visualization techniques.

What is your technology stack?

KiviHealth comprises of 3 tier infrastructure which separates business logic, application logic and database. Kivihealth supports responsive web as well as mobile interface. Web is being built on Symfony2.6 PHP framework with TWIG rendering engine, Twitter Bootstrap for front-end styling, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and JSON for RestAPI requests. KiviHealth supports wide range of mobile platform such as Android, iOS and Windows which have been developed using JAVA, Objective C and C# respectively. Mobile and Web interaction with database is done by RestAPIs. Our database runs on MySQL database server which is hosted on Amazon web services.The database storage and object mapping is done using doctrine which provides us database abstraction layer and version control is manged by Git. Their are various third party integration such as solution Infini SMS integration, Maindrill Email Integration for marketing, Uber API integration, Google Apps, Facebook Apps, Wordpress for blogs and swiftmailer for email API.

How do you plan to market your product? What are your customer acquisition strategies?

For doctors we plan to do sales from various channels such as cold calls, referrals and distributors. We plan to partner in healthcare networking events. This way we will get health awareness as well as more conversions. We were in Ahmedabad only from last 2 months But we are going to start in 2-3 cities in next 2 weeks.

What is the revenue model of 'KiviHealth' ?

We make money from offering Clinical Management solution to doctor and also from percentage in revenue from both lab and pharmacy.

Doctor who is the user is also the buyer. However patients do not buy the product, we get money from Medical Laboratories & Pharmacies by revenue sharing.

In future we plan to have more revenue From Doctors – Saas , Paid Advertising , Special fees for pro features

What do you want to achieve from this? What is your larger goal or vision?

Larger goal is to become healthcare wallet/key of people of India. Make the healthcare organized, and giving more power to patients over their health

What sort of support and feedback are you looking from the community?

We can do with help in reaching out to doctors. Any entrepreneur who has a link with doctor can connect us to more and more doctors. Get us to be part of healthcare events.