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🇸🇬 #Singapore in peak bustle on a Thursday!

HEX's TENTH Singapore cohort of founders took the stage and pitched their businesses yesterday evening. One of the memorable demos was EduKate, promoting STEM education for girls through dolls 👧🏼♀️Pleasant surprise to bump into Remi and Benedict who were the judges, and hella proud of Jaclyn Benstead and Shirley Pham who led this program and made it epic!

Worlds colliding 🌏💥 when Jodie meets Mihaela meets HEX! The startup ecosystem welcomes everyone – innovators from all walks🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶 (for context: Jodie is an excellent UX researcher/designer and Mihaela is working on her phD in financial inclusion + 

I missed Accelerating Asia Ventures's demo day this week and the FOMO got to me 😢 but I'm truly glad that everyone passes through the Draper Startup House HQ whenever they're in town... (👋🏽 hi Amra 🥲)

Paying for beer in Singapore with #India rupees 🍻💰 I'm grateful for this fellow globetrotting buddy Ibrahim who recently passed through Hyderabad, and exchanging notes and insights on the city!

It's been an epic two weeks in Singapore; I'm happy to be home! ...If you think I'm taking off soon, you guessed right 😉


I'll be around for a month(ish), excited to CONNECT with the entrepreneurs, founders, investors, operators, and the startup community and learn from everyone 🤩 

ASK: Who should I meet / grab chai with? 👀

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