Ankit Mittal - Co-Founder, Curl Crafters LLP

Ankit Mittal

Co-Founder, Curl Crafters LLP
  • Bangalore, India
Bangalore Really Works.

I just joined my team in person in Namma Bengaluru on 1 February. The energy of the city is awesome. I attended some stellar startup events such as eChai Ventures and connected with amazing people, and now more excited about the business.

Building a Software Development Agency here feels like unlocking a treasure of opportunities. The work culture, diverse talent pool, and openness to trying new things are amazing.

Compared to remote/smaller cities, the mere dynamism of Bangalore accelerates the development process and opens doors to a myriad of possibilities

If you want to build websites and apps, let's Chai and Chat!  Contact me at [email protected] or check out our work at Curl Crafters. Let's craft digital experiences together!