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Last Friday, I had the pleasure of participating in an engaging panel in Hyderabad organized by eChai Ventures in collaboration with Draper Startup House, where we discussed #MarketingStrategies for #Startups.

It was truly an honour to share insights and experiences with a diverse group of entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey, each with their own innovative ideas.

During the session, I had the opportunity to delve into B2B marketing strategies, while my fellow panellist, Shreyes Manyam from inflooo, expertly addressed B2C queries. The discussion was skillfully moderated by
Lakshman Rupanagunta Lakshman Rupanagunta
, ensuring a fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences among all participants.

I want to express my gratitude for being a part of such enriching sessions where I could share my knowledge and experiences with fellow entrepreneurs. It's always a pleasure to give back to the #community and contribute to the collective growth of startups and aspiring business owners. Thank you Jatin!

Together, as a community, we are stronger, and I look forward to more opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other in the future.
Energize your startup journey at our monthly eChai Demo Day in Hyderabad at CoKarma Hitec City.

Join us as promising ventures from our community take the stage to present their innovations, gather early feedback, and connect with investors, enablers, and fellow entrepreneurs. With a vibrant atmosphere filled with light, fun, and boundless energy, it's where collaboration thrives and dreams take flight.

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eChai Ventures
PayAid is a dynamic smart router connecting businesses to multiple payment gateways and increasing sales by 30%.

My co-founder Phani and I met while we were working together in our erstwhile employer, HDFC Bank, we were a part of the same team managing strategic accounts for the bank.

In Dec'2020, when the bank's servers had an prolonged issue and merchants started asking us to route transactions to other payment gateways, Phani and I had long discussions on while we can not do this as bank employees, we can certainly do this as a Fintech TSP for businesses. Thus, PayAid was founded.

While both of us bring in completely different mindsets and skill sets to the business, we decided early on what the roles and responsibilities of both of us would be. Phani manages Tech and finance, and I manage sales and alliances with payment gateways and banks.
Honoured to be a part of this amazing panel alongside the amazing Ming Xia HO of Draper Startup House, Ramesh Loganathan of International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIITH) and Charu Dhyani of Pro Zero Carbon.

We will be speaking about the essence of community building in business. Join us today and bring on your questions.

Recalling an enriching evening at the Hyderabad Startup Meetup, powered by eChai Ventures and hosted at The Headquarters! Gratitude to the esteemed panel members for sharing their expertise and making it a night of insightful discussions and collaboration.
Maithreye Murali Reddy Reena Sumera Srikanth Dhanwada Vishnu Chaitanya Kushagra Gupta
From last week’s National Startup Day event at Draper Startup House Hyderabad - amazing conversation with Shireen, Manish Ranjan and Sai Chaitanya Kokku around building startups, challenges faced & best practices to navigate.

Continue to organise such wonderful events Jatin Chaudhary and eChai Ventures!
The eChai Startup Demo Days with CoKarma in Hyderabad have become a great monthly ritual to celebrate entrepreneurship in the city. 
🚀 Excited to share insights from my talk at eChai Startup Saturday where we delved into the heart of GTM strategy for early-stage bootstrapped startups! 💼

🎙️ The most burning question of the day for the panel being moderated by Gopi Krishna Gantala was: "How to plan a killer GTM strategy?"

Here's a quick breakdown of the key takeaways:

1️⃣ Define Your Target Market/Audience: 🔍 Start by identifying who your product is for and where to find them. This crucial step shapes your messaging and content strategy.

2️⃣ Clarify Your Primary Objective - Branding or Selling: 💰 Determine if your focus is on building brand awareness or driving immediate sales. This decision will guide your ROI calculations and budget alignment.

3️⃣ Craft a Long-Term Vision: 🔮 What's your grand plan for the future? Do you want to build a #lifestylebusiness or work up towards a high value #investment table. Knowing this helps build a Unique Selling Proposition (#USP) and validates your business strategy.

Remember, the magic happens when these three factors align seamlessly! ✨

Big thanks to eChai Ventures & Jatin Chaudhary orchestrating such an incredible event, and The Headquarters for being a hospitable venue partner🙌

Gratitude to the engaged audience and fellow panelists Shreyes Manyam & Pradeep Reddy many for making this Saturday a power-packed session of learning and collaboration. 🚀 Let's keep the momentum going! 💼
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