Aravinth Senthilkumaran

Aravinth Senthilkumaran

Certification in PGP-IRE, Media and Entertainment Industry Enthusiast
  • Bangalore, India

More about Aravinth Senthilkumaran

I am Aravinth .T.S. As a Biotech Graduate with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, I decided to pursue a PGDM + PGP-IRE degree at GIBS Business School, where I am learning how to apply research and analytical skills to create and manage impactful ventures. My PGDM Specializations are Finance and International Business. Also graduated with my PGP-IRE Degree after vigorous trainings and assignments.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to work as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Growth Arrow Company, a financial advisory firm that focuses on emerging markets and sustainable investments. There, I supported the senior portfolio managers in developing and executing trading strategies, conducting market research, and monitoring portfolio performance and risks. I developed and honed my skills in stock market analysis, trading, asset allocation, and portfolio optimization, as well as my competencies in communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Currently enrolled myself in the Cinepreneur, an Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program in Media and Entertainment Industry, offered by MEE School in collaboration with T-Hub, Hyderabad, where I am training and educating myself on 12 Sub-Sectors of M&E Industry and the 24 Crafts of Filmmaking.

As an Entrepreneurship Enthusiast in the Industries of Media & Entertainment, Art and Photography, Biotechnology, Education, Finance, International Business, Renewable Energy, Healthcare and Lifesciences, Green Technology, etc., I would always love to network with communities and individuals, exchange ideas, brainstorm and solve real world problems.

Reach me at LinkedIn Messaging/ [email protected].