Himanshu Saxena

Himanshu Saxena

Head of Growth & Marketing - Pickright Technologies (Subsidiary, Eidelweiss)

More about Himanshu Saxena

Navigating the vast landscapes of growth, marketing, and entrepreneurship, I, Himanshu Saxena, have embarked on a journey filled with diverse experiences, challenges, and victories. From the dynamic realm of fintech to global platforms like TED, and from the ever-evolving world of ed-tech to the pulsating beats of the music industry, I've worn many hats, each shaping my story of success and innovation.

At the Helm of Pickright Technologies:
Currently, as the Head of Growth & Marketing at Pickright Technologies, I am channeling my vast expertise to sculpt strategies that resonate with our audience and align with the company's vision. My commitment to this role is informed by a rich tapestry of my past ventures and a clear roadmap for the future.

Founding Footprints at OnFinance.ai:
My tenure as a founding team member at OnFinance.ai remains one of the pivotal chapters of my professional life. As the Chief Growth Officer, I played an instrumental role in the company's meteoric rise. Within a span of five months, we expanded our user base to a staggering 50,000 users from across four continents, an achievement that still fills me with immense pride.

Crafting Narratives at TED Conferences:
For over seven years, I had the privilege of shaping narratives at TED Conferences. My role as the license holder and organizer allowed me to introduce the innovative TEDx Leadership program, creating platforms for hundreds of professionals and students. Each curated session, each sponsorship deal, bore the hallmark of my dedication to the TED ethos.

Accelerating Growth at GradRight:
My stint at GradRight Inc. was marked by rapid growth and innovation. Whether it was leveraging the potential of Google Ads, pioneering the Campus Admission Program, or driving influencer collaborations, I left no stone unturned in ensuring that our brand resonated with our audience.

Sales Prowess at Unacademy:
At Unacademy, I dived deep into the world of inside sales, mastering the nuances of the UPSC and test-prep segments. My pitches often garnered recognition, a testament to my unwavering commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

Rhythms of H Major Records:
Music has always been close to my heart, a passion that led me to create H Major Records. Over half a decade, I had the joy of managing talented artists, orchestrating albums, and collaborating with renowned music platforms, ensuring our music found its rightful audience.

Blending Design with Psychology:
My role as a UI/UX Design Assistant at AV Infotech Pvt. Ltd. allowed me to merge my understanding of psychology with user-centric design, leading to content that truly resonated with our audience.

In My Own Words:
My journey is a testament to what one can achieve with passion, dedication, and a clear vision. Every role, every challenge has been a stepping stone, shaping my story of success in the world of growth and marketing. As I continue to evolve, I remain committed to innovation, leadership, and, most importantly, to the entrepreneurial spirit that drives me every day.