More about M Venkata Prabhu Karthik

👩‍💼 Data Scientist | AI/ML Enthusiast | Problem Solver 👩‍💻

🏢 Currently, I'm proudly contributing my expertise at Right Data Technologies Pvt Ltd. as a passionate Data Scientist. My journey with this dynamic team began on June 13th, 2022. 💼

🚀 At Right Data Technologies, I am the driving force behind the development of our cutting-edge ETL tool called Dextrus, which focuses on the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 🌐

📈 Dextrus Modules:

Data Wrangler Module: Utilizing the power of PySpark and FastAPI, I empower users to transform raw data into actionable insights. This module allows users to clean the data, perform data transformations, and visualize it effectively. 🔍🔄📊

AIML Module: Enabling our consumers to create ML models from scratch! In this module, I provide classification, regression, forecasting, and clustering features. Additionally, I incorporate data cleaning, outlier treatment, and hyperparameter tuning techniques for optimized model performance. This module also includes data visualization, train-test split, and the incorporation of synthetic data when required. 📊📈📝

Ask Albus Module: With the help of OPEN AI API and Neo4j graph database, users can interactively ask questions about their data, and I generate insightful plots for better understanding. This module integrates natural language processing capabilities and graph database for complex data relationships. 🤖📈📝

💻 Moreover, I possess strong DevOps integration skills, streamlining development and deployment with Docker 🐳 and Kubernetes 🚢. Together, we create a cohesive and scalable environment for Dextrus! 🌐

🤼‍♀️ Outside of work, I'm an avid cricket player 🏏 and spend my weekends indulging in this exhilarating sport. Playing cricket not only helps me stay physically active but also teaches me valuable teamwork and leadership skills. 🏆

🌟 I collaborate closely with our talented Java backend, React.js frontend, and UX teams to ensure a seamless product experience. My goal is to create an exceptional user journey from data cleaning to model building and data exploration. I actively participate in product planning, design, and testing to ensure a seamless user experience. 🤝

🌱 I'm constantly exploring emerging AI/ML technologies, seeking ways to enhance Dextrus' capabilities and performance. Learning never stops! 🧠

Let's connect! Feel free to reach out for interesting collaborations or to discuss anything data science and AI-related! 🤗 #DataScience #MachineLearning #AI #Python #DataWrangling #DevOps