Mehul Fanawala - Co-Founder & Revenue Operations Specialist, The Clueless Company

Mehul Fanawala

Co-Founder & Revenue Operations Specialist, The Clueless Company

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#1 Rule of Sales: "If you want to make a sale, never sell." - Mehul Fanawala

Hey there 👋

With over 15 years of expertise in the technology industry, I am Mehul Fanawala, a Revenue Operations Specialist and Co-founder of The Clueless Company – a groundbreaking RevOps Consultancy startup dedicated to empowering B2B SaaS brands.

In the past two years, we've been on a mission – assisting over 25 B2B SaaS brands in 7 countries to supercharge their revenue, achieving an impressive average growth rate of 88%.

Our forte lies in crafting and executing strategic RevOps strategies aimed at boosting revenue, reducing revenue loss, preventing customer churn, breaking down organizational silos, and enhancing operational performance.

We are incredibly proud of our outstanding 4.9 ⭐️ rating on Clutch, a premier B2B ratings and reviews platform. This exceptional rating underscores our steadfast dedication to delivering top-tier services.

We are thrilled to share that The Clueless Company recently received the prestigious Clutch Global and Clutch Champion for Fall 2023 awards. 🏆

Additionally, we also has been honoured as the Top Company in multiple categories, the recognition includes:

- Product Marketing Agency
- Sales & Business Development Company
- Customer Service Consulting Company
- Operations Consulting Firm
- Business Intelligence Consulting Company
- Business Transformation Company

This outstanding achievement is a testament to our commitment to delivering consistently impactful results and our clients' high satisfaction.

I'm excited about the prospect of assisting B2B SaaS businesses in achieving their revenue goals through strategic RevOps consulting.

For those seeking ways to optimize B2B SaaS sales, marketing, customer service, and business growth while focusing on revenue operations, our team is offering free consultations.

Let's connect and explore how we can contribute to your growth journey.

P.S. Did you know that inefficient RevOps processes can cost B2B companies up to 30% in lost revenue?