Nihal Ahamed

Nihal Ahamed

Product Marketing Manager, Gallabox
  • Chennai, India

More about Nihal Ahamed

Thanks for being here : )

I’m Nihal - #TheSaaSGuy 😎

So much in love with SaaS that I end up bringing every conversation to SaaS products. Sometimes also convince you on purchasing few (lol just kidding)😂😂

The best thing I can do for your business is execute GTM strategies 🚀 with no fluffy ideas; keeping it real and straightforward

Throughout my career, I’ve taken initiatives to set marketing operations in the right direction (of course channeling it towards ROI), whether it is taking a leadership role or handling multiple projects/clients at the same time, I don't leave any stone unturned.

The 2 Mantras I follow in my Day to Day life to make things work

Listen More from your customers.
Know More about your product.

According to me, Marketing is a mix of science 🔬 and art 🎨

Therefore you can see an innovative storyteller 🧞 with a data-driven approach in me while brainstorming for marketing plans.

I am best at understanding the user requirements/inputs and giving them a tailor-made solution based on their buyer’s persona or ideal customer profile.

I love to solve problems of real business in a competitive market.

Things I’m Updating on Day to Day Basis

🧘🏻‍♂️ Product Positioning
🚀 GTM Strategies
💰Demand Gen
📊Product Adoption

Toys I am fond of :

Email Marketing - Sendgrid, Zoho Mail, MailModo, Mailchimp,
WhatsApp Marketing - Gallabox 😅 (Shameless plug)
CRM - Zoho, Hubspot
Marketing Automation - Zoho, Hubspot

In my current role at Gallabox, I've been executing new SaaS product launches, setting up GTM strategies, event marketing, and fostering a community centered around shared values rather than mere sales.