Nihal Ahamed - Product Marketing Manager, Gallabox

Nihal Ahamed

Product Marketing Manager, Gallabox
  • Chennai, India

More about Nihal Ahamed

Thanks for being here : )

I’m Nihal - #TheSaaSGuy 😎

So much in love with SaaS that I end up bringing every conversation to SaaS products. Sometimes also convince you on purchasing few (lol just kidding)😂😂

The best thing I can do for your business is execute GTM strategies 🚀 with no fluffy ideas; keeping it real and straightforward

Throughout my career, I’ve taken initiatives to set marketing operations in the right direction (of course channeling it towards ROI), whether it is taking a leadership role or handling multiple projects/clients at the same time, I don't leave any stone unturned.

The 2 Mantras I follow in my Day to Day life to make things work

Listen More from your customers.
Know More about your product.

According to me, Marketing is a mix of science 🔬 and art 🎨

Therefore you can see an innovative storyteller 🧞 with a data-driven approach in me while brainstorming for marketing plans.

I am best at understanding the user requirements/inputs and giving them a tailor-made solution based on their buyer’s persona or ideal customer profile.

I love to solve problems of real business in a competitive market.

Things I’m Updating on Day to Day Basis

🧘🏻‍♂️ Product Positioning
🚀 GTM Strategies
💰Demand Gen
📊Product Adoption

Toys I am fond of :

Email Marketing - Sendgrid, Zoho Mail, MailModo, Mailchimp,
WhatsApp Marketing - Gallabox 😅 (Shameless plug)
CRM - Zoho, Hubspot
Marketing Automation - Zoho, Hubspot

In my current role at Gallabox, I've been executing new SaaS product launches, setting up GTM strategies, event marketing, and fostering a community centered around shared values rather than mere sales.

🚀 Exciting News! 🚀

After pouring heart and soul into this, I'm thrilled to share Asnap, my latest venture in the world of #MicroSaaS

Much like Thanos' iconic finger snap transformed the Marvel universe, Asnap is poised to shake up how Saas companies approach support documentation.

Why take on this challenge? 👀

Having personally felt the pains of manual content creation and relying on outdated tools in past roles, I knew there had to be a better way🤔

Existing tools like Scribe & Tango missed the mark, not tailored for SaaS companies.

Spotting this gap in the market, I decided to take the reins 😇

Leveraging my experience launching Clipboard Archive, I set out to create a solution for those, like me, seeking efficiency in crafting product guides🚀

To ensure Asnap met real user needs, I engaged with over 50 Technical Content Writers, Product Managers, and Marketers, digging deep into their pain points. 

This wasn't just about building a product; it was about crafting a comprehensive solution 🤩

Excitingly, Asnap is now available in Alpha, ready to be put through its paces by real customers for testing and feedback.
If you've ever grappled with creating guides in a market where existing solutions fall short, Asnap is here to bridge the gap. 

Let me show you how Asnap can transform your approach to support documentation. 🚀
The last-minute demo day turned out to be a huge success 🚀

Here are the key moments from eChai Ventures's 2024 Demo Day

Kudos to the 4 incredible founders who pitched with unwavering confidence, showcasing their innovative ideas and the tenacity of entrepreneurship.

Their strong grit is set to leave a lasting impact on the startup ecosystem💪

John Edward Founder of Chalice, unfolded a fresh perspective on digital marketing through his stealth marketing approach.

Vijayaraghavan Founder of of Stealth Product, emphasized the importance of building a marketplace for video editors and creative minds

Jayachandran, Founder of Maasta, showcased how technology can revolutionize the media and entertainment industry.

HEMAN Founder of GatiShakthi Bin who is on a mission to create impact through leveraging 5G Small Cells, Plastic Recycling, and Advertisement Revenue.

Huge shoutout to our venue partners Sevika Tech Pvt Ltd and Cynthia for helping us with the venue.

If you're interested in partnering with us to host these energetic events at your office space, feel free to DM me. Let's make every office space in Chennai a hub for innovation, without the need for formal hiring.

Exciting times ahead with numerous activities and events planned for the coming year. Follow me, Kirithiga, and eChai Ventures to stay updated on the latest startup events.

Let's keep the momentum going! 🚀
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Last Min Announcement! 📢

It's eChai Startup Demo Day every last Saturday, but this month was a bit of a rollercoaster.

Normally, I'd be weeks ahead, sorting out the venue, locking down slots, and maybe even convincing someone cool to speak. But life happened, and I got swamped with my own stuff. 😅

Just when I thought, "Uh-oh, what now?

Enter Cynthia, our superhero! Just when things seemed dicey, she swooped in, offering not just a venue but also the bonus of bringing in some awesome investors 🤩

Golden ticket vibes, right? 🎟️

Now, we've got the venue locked, and the excitement is building! Oh, and if you're itching to pitch your startup, we've got 2 slots waiting for you!

If you're hearing about eChai Startup Demo Day for the first, here is the small heads up 👇🏻 

eChai Startup Demo Day is not your average event; it's where cool ideas collide, connections spark, and startups get their cheer squad. 🎉 Founders, it's your spot to validate ideas, MVPs, and business models with a community that's got your back.

Join us for an evening of dreams turning into reality. Slide into my DMs if you're ready to pitch – let's make this Demo Day YOUR moment! 💪🏻

Special thanks to our venue partner - Sevika Tech.

Time : 4:00 - 6 :00 PM
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  • Listing on preferred eChai Business Partners page (1 year duration)
  • Engagement at relevant in-person eChai Meetups (~4 meetups/year)
  • Feature on eChai.Ventures

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