Ranjeet Bhosale - Founder,  TheSubscription

Ranjeet Bhosale

Founder, TheSubscription
  • Pune

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Building TheSubscription, a platform designed to help SaaS companies by offering a bundle of essential tools at competitive prices, aimed at boosting their revenue.

Had an enriching experience at the eChai Startup Demo Day in Pune last Saturday!

Attended a captivating showcase of startups, and two in particular stood out for their innovative offerings:

#ElektrikExpress : Their focus on the EV space, specifically building electric scooters for gig workers, is truly commendable. What caught my attention was their ability to identify a niche market and offer affordable solutions despite stiff competition. It was inspiring to learn that the founders are still in college, showcasing incredible entrepreneurship at such a young age.

#Phynart : Revolutionizing our homes with smart technology, Phynart impressed with their seamless integration of various smart products through a single app. Their strong revenue generation reflects the effectiveness of their solutions.

Kudos to #eChai Ventures for curating yet another impactful demo day! Looking forward to witnessing more innovation and entrepreneurship in the future.
Had an awesome time putting together the eChai Ventures breakfast social in Pune along with Prabhjyot Singh Mann.

Here are some key takeaways that resonated with me:

Considering Co-founders:
Jimish Kapadia sir shed light on the importance of considering co-founders from a VC perspective. While going solo isn't necessarily a problem, having a co-founder can significantly enhance credibility, especially if the product or idea is promising.

Fundraising Essentials:
Pankhil Baunthiyal emphasized the need to address three fundamental questions before diving into fundraising: When to raise funds,
how to raise them, & how much to raise. These questions are crucial for strategic planning and negotiation, particularly in early-stage startups.

In addition to the invaluable insights gained, networking with fellow founders like Aryan Hinge from @Denner was truly enlightening. These interactions underscored the importance of building meaningful connections within the startup ecosystem.

Looking forward to sharing more insights from these enriching experiences and continuing to learn and grow alongside this incredible community!

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