Ravichandran Krishnan

Ravichandran Krishnan

Founder, UntropyXR

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I'm currently building Maps & Dioramas AR. MAD is an iOS AR app that allows users to bring 3D maps and dioramas into their homes using the power of AR. I'm working towards making this a creator-led platform where 3D content creators with domain knowledge in sciences, history, and other interesting fields can contribute to the immersive learning experience. This is being built with VisionOS in mind.

Previously, I founded Filmrare, a company that created immersive experiences that set new industry standards and pushed the limits of how immersive technology can be utilized. With over two years of experience in this field, I have a strong background in 3D pipelines, Game Engine workflows, and storytelling, which I applied to design and develop innovative solutions for VR devices.

As a founder, I managed intricate programs from start to finish, overseeing everything from concept to launch and subsequent updates to foster growth post-launch. I collaborated extensively with various teams such as developers, business development, marketing, and communications to deliver exceptional experiences that yield significant business outcomes for our customers and partners. My mission is to explore the world of mixed-reality gaming and create engaging and immersive stories that appeal to a wide audience. I am also a passionate writer and have self-published novels, short stories, and screenplays in science fiction and mythology.