Sanjayprasad H S

Sanjayprasad H S

Founder Edxperimental Labs

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Hey everyone! I'm Sanjay , a Product-person/ designer/ artist / developer from India and I build and hack many different projects. Currently, I'm working on a Social fintech app.

When I was younger I spent 3 years in Japan that shaped my Curiousity! Here i had fun exploring new topics with programming small games being passion, leading me to pursue engineering .

Driven by my love for creating, I delved into building prototypes and products using various materials . From hacking projects to exploring new ideas, I've always sought to merge form and function. Early on, I combined my artistic sensibilities with my technical skills to bring concepts to life . This fusion of creativity and engineering fuels my passion for building unique and impactful products. (like the wool pen).

I then progressed to building RC controlled planes, gliders, boats, and other projects . With the introduction of Arduino and Raspberry Pis , I further delved into robotics and even showcased one of my robots at a Maker Faire . That inturn got me an Internship to build a bigger security robot !

Taking the saved money from the internship , I ventured into entrepreneurship, to retrofit old cars to electric . This was my first attempt at a startup. Additionally, I delved into the challenge of building my own axial flux permanent magnet BLDC motor to gain IP (some docs)

Despite my enthusiasm and efforts, the initial startup didn't quite go as planned..This experience led me to become a Python developer at another startup building cool software products, after which I then joined Deloitte.

Realizing I need more time to experiment, I jumped into an MBA program (at MICA) and released my first full app to production ! (on the playstore) . After this I got lost in the world of web3 ! Participating in multiple hackathons with a friend gave me the confidence to launch my own apps. We made stuff ranging from games , to NFts , to edtech X smart contract appX DAOs .

Getting back from the highs of 2021 , i tried my second attempt at an edtech startup i made to help Bschool teachers with their workflows using AI (collabdocs) . But relaizing that it might not work well , i pivoted to try and make app for financial Edtech. To finally building my Current Social fintech app !

Other than building and hacking products i thoroughly enjoy going on very long walks and reading loads of Manga Manga . I also tend to spend a lot of time exploring weird corners of the Internet! Also binge loads of twitter/ Xs. !