Sankalp jain - Engineer, Dhruva space

Sankalp jain

Engineer, Dhruva space
  • Hyderabad

More about Sankalp jain

Started off the career with big dreams, constantly evaluating and my response to big challenges, learning and growing constantly. Graduated from Manipal Jaipur with Bachelors in Mechanical. Watched quite a lot of sci-fi, did lot of projects , always tried to focus on fundamentals and first principles (later realized they were called that when I watched Lord Elon Musk's documentary) and decided to something that will change the future or humanity, even I have to do soul crushing hardwork. Thus went and did internships at research faciltities, as they had really nice innovative culture or so they said. Had a lot of fun for 1 year doing experiments in basic sciences of Fluid mechanics, Computation fluid dynamics, read a bunch of papers and published a review paper. Post that the desire to do something crazy even became stronger, joined a budding startup, Dhruva Space, back in 2019-2020. Grew to lead development of India's First private satellite separation system to be authorized by government of India, a first of its kind mission as soon as the spce sector was opened up by GOI. Led the development from end to end, functioning and donning multiple hats, CAD designer, protoyping engineer, facility builder, Quality assurance guy, structural analyst, simulation engineer, Assembly integration and Test engineer. Had a blast for 4 whole years, Day in, Day out, monitoring nitty gritties to complete top leve product. Interacted with a lot of scientist from ISRO, DRDO etc. Have realized, I was not a good people's person, but I certainly can become one. Just need to keep my mind open to things. Want to become a leader, and lead India into the space. To Moon, Mars and onward we go !! Trying to start a stratup as I beleive I have a lot of products to offer to make space engineer's life easier and help them acheive their spectacular amibtions in space technology.
Also learning and growing a lot by reading books on startups, team building, great fictions etc.
Also involed currently in bunch of courses like systems engineering and prodcut development, compliant mechanism to sharpen my existing dervied experience and become an effective leader.
Constantly striving to grow at an unprecented pace whilst overcoming challenges.
Currently looking for a cofounder and a friend with whom to change the landspace of aerospace, space and defense technoloyg. If you love elon musk, know how cool andruil company, believe in hardwork and keeping calm and believe even you can go to space someday and take your people with you !! You are my guy/gal. Lets work together and make our dream come true. Let's connect.

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