Srijan Sharma - founder ItsHemp & Co-founder Soqo

Srijan Sharma

founder ItsHemp & Co-founder Soqo

More about Srijan Sharma

Srijan Sharma is a highly respected entrepreneur in the Indian Cannabis industry, recognised for his work as the founder of ITSHEMP. With more than a decade of experience, he has worked with over 40 organisations, utilising his expertise in technology, marketing, business operations, and innovation to help them scale their operations successfully and launch new businesses. Srijan’s extensive experience-based knowledge spans various business fields, including design, e-commerce, drop-shipping, digital marketing, event management, community-based learning, and financial management. As the licensee of TEDxDharamshala and a member of the World Economic Forum, he is an active advocate for environmentalism, sustainability, and education. Srijan has held vital positions such as Vice President of the Indian Industrial Hemp Association and the Multi-disciplinary Alliance for Cannabis and Hemp, and his contributions have been instrumental in shaping policies and regulations related to hemp in India.