Sumit Dutta - IIM Calcutta-Venture Advisor | Ex-NASSCOM, Flipkart

Sumit Dutta

IIM Calcutta-Venture Advisor | Ex-NASSCOM, Flipkart
  • Bengaluru

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IIM Calcutta-Venture Advisor | Ex-NASSCOM, Flipkart | D2C Enabler & Advisory | Investor Relations & Advisory | Speaker-IIM,NIT,ISBR,ICFAI | Partnerships & Outreach | Social Impact Enthusiast

A seasoned professional with hands-on experience into Key Account Management, Strategic Alliances Development, Stakeholder Management, People Management, Startups, Angel Investors & VC's.

A confident and strong team player having a flair for training & development, who understands the value and benefit of others contributions. I have always encouraged innovation and diverse thought and opinion wherever possible whilst being extremely business focused, ambitious and enthusiastic across pretty much every vertical that I have served with in my professional timeline.

I am a highly flexible & competent individual, having flair & experience of strategic management and leadership skills. Capabilities to build, sustain & relationships with all levels of an organization, having a track record at improving operational effectiveness & efficiencies.

• Startup Strategy & Operations Advisory
• Startup Investments
• Deal Sourcing
• Market Outreach & PR
• Key Account Management
• e-Commerce Market Place Business Alliances
• Process Quality Health-Check
• Total Customer Experience/NPS
• Program Management & Deployments
• Process Engineering
• Incident & Change Management
• Project Management Fundamentals
• Transitions & BCP Methodology

Over this weekend had the priviledge of being on a panel at eChai Ventures Meetup at Draper Startup House's !! Joined by a diverse set of fellow panelists Rudra Nikam, Vikas Bardia, CFA, Manjunath M moderated by Puneeth Suraana. We delved into the entrepreneurial journey, sharing experiences, challenges, and strategies for success.

Connecting with multiple young entrepreneurs at the meetup underscored the importance of collaboration, shared learning, and building a supportive ecosystem. Each interaction sparked new ideas, collaborations, and opportunities for growth.

As the audience was filled with young entrepreneurs, they thrive on the energy and creativity that comes from connecting with like-minded individuals. These connections not only inspire us but also open doors to new partnerships, mentorship, and possibilities for innovation.

Grateful for the opportunity to engage with such a vibrant community of startup enthusiasts at Draper Startup House by Karan Bahadur & curated community by Nivin Joseph enabled by Jatin Chaudhary of eChai Ventures . Let's continue to foster connections, support one another, and collectively drive positive change in the startup ecosystem!
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The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network.

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