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Being a startup entrepreneur is far from easy, as I've realized from my experience at Biziverse.

You must excel at making the product, managing finances, ensuring compliance, motivating your team, what not. One mistake and you face a disproportionately large punishment.

You cannot even expect support from the society. Some may look at you as a fool despite your multi role excellence everyday, or as an entitled "seth" even as you face nightmares of how to manage your next payroll. To them and to others, you must maintain the facade of "sab theek thaak hai" (everything's great).

This is where I realize the value of these three kinds of people: (1) Co-founders, as they share and lighten the challenges; (2) Investors, as they truly wish you well and help solve the critical challenge of finances, and (3) Startup communities like eChai Ventures, as you gain inspiration and wisdom from fellow entrepreneurs and their similar experiences.

We must realize and appreciate the roles of these three support sources, and even give back and give forward as much as we can! 😊
Conversations with startup founders can be so jam-packed with energy, insights, and ideas! And these are even richer in a casual setting, like at today's Social event by eChai Ventures.

It was a pleasure getting to know you,
Janvi Tiwari - Founder, SOQO Janvi Tiwari
Srijan Sharma Srijan Sharma
  ! Your energy and mission are very inspiring - all the best for the road ahead. 😊
Learnt so much from a very inspiring talk last week!
Thank you Saurabh Garg of the famed unicorn NoBroker, for sharing your valuable guidance for how Biziverse can also accelerate towards becoming a unicorn! 😊

Thank you very much eChai Ventures and VentureStudio for facilitating such valuable interactions!

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