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eChai's Singapore Startup Meetup is happening today (29th Feb, Thursday) at Draper Startup House Singapore from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Monika Mehta - Co-Founder, TrillionSale Monika Mehta
, Co-Founder, TrillionSale
Tushar Tejuja - MD, HackerTrail & Scout Tushar Tejuja
, Founder, Scout - AI Powered Talent Hunter

It will be moderated by
Smitha Saravanan Smitha Saravanan
, Business Development Manager, IKIGAISG.

Free registration.   
“Prateek, let’s travel across India to know more about the stories of India SaaS”

4 months ago, my co-founder Sri reached out to me with this crazy text and bag full of even crazier ideas. Without a second thought, I knew I was in.

And that's how from Day 0, both of us went all in.

And here we are today—I’m extremely excited to introduce to you, The Bharat SaaS Yatra!

Our vision? To celebrate the Rise of India SaaS, and cover hundreds of stories of SaaS Founders—The wins, the losses, the challenges and everything in between ❤️

Stories not just from the Tier 1 cities, but also the gritty tales from Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities.

Hitting the road for the next 4 months to travel across 20 cities and capture the Fan-SaaStic stories out there.

Wondering, where we’ll meet? In one of the finest immersive SaaS exhibitions that we’re setting up across all the 20 cities. I bet, you’re going to love it!

Hop in with us in the Yatra 🙂

Link to register for the exhibitions


Thank you for the honour to be a #speaker at eChai's marketing event at Urban Vault in Bengaluru to talk about right market strategies for startups, smbs.

Thanks to eChai Ventures Jatin Chaudhary and my fellow speakers from Simplilearn, Affle, and Tars. T

he room was quite full with close to 50 budding entrepreneurs from various age groups, states of india, and countries..majority being in their 20s to 30s.

The session was for 2 hours but went for 3.5 hours with 1.5 hours for questions and answers. These were the various questions asked:

Here are the list of questions in the meantime for each of us to answer:

1) What do you see are the new paradigm strategies of marketing
2) How has <your company> experienced the shift over the last few years or in 2024 and beyond.
3) What are the changes you have been experiencing and how are you responding to those changes?
4) What is the preferred future you see for entrepreneurs
5) What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs
6) What is a non negotiable for you moving forward?
Plus there were around 20 plus questions from 1 to 1 discussion with entrepreneurs during the Q&A session.

Loved it thoroughly that echai is giving the #platform to entrepreneurs to come forward and learn through communities...good to see 4 #womeninbusiness #womenentrepreneurs there.

Many people asked me if I can mentor them or help them with marketing strategies. The answer is yes, of course.

I do #startupconsulting and overall #endtoend #marketing #consulting
for businesses from industries not competing with my current company's industry.

People who expressed interests for follow up sessions, or for mentoring please book as you need it. Sharing the link based on popular requests:
We are proud to serve schools across the nation. 

Today, with a wide network of 5,000 schools spread across 27 states and 250 cities, every member of Saarthi Pedagogy is committed to helping schools and students improve their learning outcomes.

Answered some interesting questions at eChai Ventures SaaS meetup in Bangalore! 

Glad to be part of the panel. :)
Attended an event after a looooong looong while.

And it was the Bangalore SaaS meetup by eChai Ventures and Draper Startup House

Learned some good deal of things from
Sai Krishna - Chief Super Officer, Sai Krishna
around thinking about MVPs and what it took him to build Superblog ai. and also from
Amit Chavan - Co-founder CTO @ Vibtree 
Amit Chavan

The highlights from my notes say:

- B2C is hard. Sigh.
- Build stuff for yourself, solve your own problem.
- Do primary research by looking over trends.
- Consumer behavior change revolves around three axes: Energy, time, and money.
- Your first set of customers will come from your Alpha and beta users.
- Your organic channels could be from either of these:
  - SEO
  - Build in public
  - Word of mouth
- Good PMs follow revenue/business.
- Sales is getting the cheque in hand.

- SEO in the future might take a different form, could evolve into chat engine optimization.

And got connected to a few interesting folks as well.

Looking forward to more such.
eChai's Bengaluru SaaS meetup was held today w/ 
Sai Krishna - Chief Super Officer, Sai Krishna
(Superblog) and 
Amit Chavan - Co-founder CTO @ Vibtree 
Amit Chavan
(Vibtree) joining the panel.

List of featured participants at is revolutionizing branding for MSMEs/SMBs across India by providing business marketing posters, banners and festival posts to grow their business with 3 easy steps - select, Download, and Share!

Let me tell you a story that seems almost too good to be true. My name is Bhavesh, and this journey starts with a simple meeting that felt like fate. In 2019, in Ahmedabad, at a networking event by Patel Business Network, I met another Bhavesh -
Bhavesh Korat - Co-Founder & CEO, Bhavesh Korat
. We both believed in doing good for others, and that’s what brought us together.

We quickly realized we shared more than just a name; we had a common dream. So, in 2020, with a small team of six, we started Our goal was pretty straightforward: help small businesses in India make a name for themselves without breaking the bank.

The idea was to make branding simple and accessible. We wanted every small business owner to have the chance to tell their story, to stand out, and to grow. It felt like everything just clicked into place as we worked on this.

Now, looking back, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come. We’ve faced challenges, sure, but our belief in our mission has kept us going. We're not just building a company; we're hoping to inspire a whole community of entrepreneurs.

Our roles also complement as
Bhavesh Korat - Co-Founder & CEO, Bhavesh Korat
  manages the Tech, Finance, and sales, I manage Content and Marketing.
YOMO AI is AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence Platform for teams.

So, back in 2019, I just tagged along with a buddy of mine because he had this meeting about some Women 4.0 ML workshops happening across India. Honestly, I wasn't all that into it; just wanted a quick way to hitch a ride to LD BRTS and head home. But then, things took a turn.

We met this guy who was all pumped about organizing the event. They were chatting away about plans and execution, and there I was, just hanging. I had a bunch of ideas popping into my head, but I kept quiet. Then they shifted gears to talking about growing their community, and I couldn't help myself—I just blurted out my two cents on how design and branding could really make a difference. That's all I really knew back then.

Turns out, this sparked a whole new conversation, and before I knew it, I was deep in discussion with Tirth, who was running this Instagram community with over 18K followers. We met again the next day, and bam, we were on the same wavelength, dreaming big about starting our own thing in the ed-tech space, which was pretty fresh at the time. We quickly cooked up MAD—short for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. Fast forward six months, we were teaching over 300 students and had made some good cash. But then, COVID hit, and everything just fell apart. We had our share of clashes and decided to call it quits.

Fast forward again, two years later, I hit Tirth up out of the blue, thinking we should give it another shot. This time we launched HYPR, aiming to shake up the ed-tech scene. But turns out, the timing was off; the market wasn't looking for another ed-tech player. So, we had to pivot from that too.

Now, we're onto something new called YOMO. 

YOMO is a user insights platform that enables product teams to build better customer-centric products by going beyond basic analytics. It's been quite the ride, from a random meetup to launching not one, but two startups, facing setbacks and still pushing forward. If you told me back in 2019 that tagging along for a ride would lead to all this, I'd have laughed. But here we are, proof that sometimes the smallest decisions can lead you to places you never imagined.
Magenta provides powerful reports and insights that drive sales growth by integrating with ERPs like Tally, Busy, SAP etc.

⁠I was associated with iBall Brand since 2001 and Vikalp joined in 2008 and we did lot of projects together for 11 years.

When I discussed about the idea of making a business intelligence software with Vikalp, he immediately came to Ahmedabad from Delhi to discuss about the next steps.

Our approach to defining co-founder roles was intuitive rather than structured. Vikalp naturally gravitated towards product management due to his deep tech background and passion. Our mutual understanding was that, regardless of our individual expertise areas, we would maintain an open dialogue, challenging and questioning each other's decisions. 

This dynamic allows us to progress collectively, guided by the strong conviction of the decision-maker in any given situation.
Exciting News for SaaS Founders! 🚀

I'm thrilled to share that our partner, Upekkha, is now welcoming applications for their UP24 Spring Cohort. This is a golden opportunity for SaaS startups looking to catapult their growth to the next level.

What's on offer?
- A robust 💰 $125K Pre-Seed Fund to kickstart your journey.
- Unparalleled 🌐 strategic guidance and support for global expansion.
- An opportunity to 👥 join a vibrant community of 300+ founders who are reshaping the SaaS landscape globally.

🌟 Why Upekkha? 🌟

Upekkha isn't just about funding. It's about fostering a community where founders can thrive, share, and grow together. With 40 startups funded in 2023 and plans to fund 70 more in 2024, Upekkha is on a mission to nurture the next wave of SaaS success stories. Whether you're dreaming of hitting your first $1M ARR or scaling beyond, Upekkha's track record speaks volumes:

- 165+ profitable and capital-efficient startups.
- 11 startups have soared past $1M ARR, with three exceeding $5M ARR.
- A remarkable 85% of the first 20 startups are cash flow positive and growing month-on-month.

Don't let this chance slip through your fingers! The application deadline is 15th Feb 2024. If you're ready to take your SaaS startup to unprecedented heights, apply now at
eChai's Startup Growth Networking Meetup in Ahmedabad is happening today evening at IIMA Ventures from 6 pm to 8 pm.


Zaiba Sarang - Co-Founder, iThink Logistics Zaiba Sarang
(iThink Logistics)
Bhavesh Patel - Co-Founder, Bhavesh Patel
Aditya Shah - Founder & CEO, Because Aditya Shah
Vishakha Shah - CEO, Venus Logistics Vishakha Shah
(Venus Logistics)
Sushil Agrawal - Founder & CEO, Saarthi Pedagogy Sushil Agrawal
(Saarthi Pedagogy)

I'll be moderating this meetup.

Free registration at eChai.Ventures
We are hosting the Hiring AI Talent for Startups meetup in Bengaluru today evening at WeCP HQ, HSR Layout from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Abhishek Kaushik - Co-Founder & CEO, WeCP Abhishek Kaushik
Shivam Tiwari Shivam Tiwari
(John Jacobs - LensKart)
Shreyans Panchal Shreyans Panchal
 (Yomo AI)

Free registration at eChai.Ventures
We are elated to share that, we will be exhibiting RoyalPOS at Food & AgriTech Expo 2024, organised by The Southern Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce And Industry - SGCCI.

🗓️ 10-12th Feb 2024

📍 Surat International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Sarsana, Surat, Gujarat

📞 +91 8780228978 
From the earlier eChai SaaS Social with founder friends from the city at MagentaInsights HQ.

Small Group. Candid Conversations. Startup Folks.

Great to catch up with many new founder friends from Ahmedabad.

Vikas Mundhra & Vikalp Somani (MagentaInsights)
Yash Shah (Clientjoy)
Pankaj Bhimani (58Miles)
Kush Prajapati (Redicine)
Pratik Patel (Flo Mobility)
Himani Kankaria (Missive Digital)
Bhavik Makwana (ZenDevX)
Anuj Dalal (Zestard)
Mitesh Shethwala (Currently)
Harsha Bhurani (Hummingbird Consulting)
Jay Patel (Momentum Ventures)
Koumal Kalantry (Ankk Cares)
Swayam Raval (Admyre Club)
Nishi Jain (Vibes Good)
Niren Panchal (Brittman & Workex)
Foram Popat (HROne)

List of participants at
Conversations going beyond businesses but all align to make businesses bigger n better.

It was fun being part of today’s eChai SaaS Social at Magenta Insights office.

One journey setting path for another journey. Problems/Challenges bringing people together for bigger - brighter and more productive solutions.

Thanks you
Vikas Mundhra - Founder, MagentaBI Vikas Mundhra
Jatin Chaudhary - Salesman, eChai Ventures Jatin Chaudhary
! cannot miss to mention - the happiness bell  is such a motivating n cute thing. 

Entrepreneurs present are great minds bringing innovative solutions.

And we all sneaked in for a quick photo shoot. Looks fab. Great places designed for best working - Devx.

We'll be hosting eChai's SaaS Social today evening in Ahmedabad.

Small Group. Candid Conversations. SaaS Folks.

We'll have parallel consumer business social also. Later on we'll have common gathering with both the groups.

More info at
Conversations with startup founders can be so jam-packed with energy, insights, and ideas! And these are even richer in a casual setting, like at today's Social event by eChai Ventures.

It was a pleasure getting to know you,
Janvi Tiwari - Founder, SOQO Janvi Tiwari
Srijan Sharma Srijan Sharma
  ! Your energy and mission are very inspiring - all the best for the road ahead. 😊
eChai Business Partner Program

eChai Business Partner Program helps businesses and organisations get visibility and engagement within the eChai network.

Preferred eChai Business Partners
ZenDevX is a NoCode development platform to develop enterprise-grade web applications, back-office admin panels, and REST-API for mobile apps.
Development Tools, SaaS Startups
STIR Advisors
Driving business growth with strategic M&A, business consultancy, and advanced financial models
MICAverse : The Metaverse Lab
Full stack Branding and Marketing agency. Helping businesses turn into brands.
Creative and Marketing Agencies
Leading Legal Tech company enabling startups & MSMEs to #StartProtectManage business through online CA, CS & legal services.
Ahmedabad 100, LegalTech
Pro Zero Carbon
Helping companies reach net zero through their comprehensive software and data backed sustainability solutions.
Climate Tech
Zepul has developed an AI enabled Talent Acquisition marketplace to help companies find the right candidates and vice versa by engaging community recruiters on demand.
HR Tools and Agencies
Bootstart is a coworking space with presence in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Goa.
Coworking Spaces
Collaborative workspaces that ignites innovation and a Venture Fund also.
Ahmedabad 100, Coworking Spaces, Fundraising, Investment Partners
Hearty Mart
Hearty Mart brings the 21st century retail format to the rural and semi urban market.
Ahmedabad 100, Food
Creatosaurus simplifies the workflow of creators & teams with an all-in-one creator stack to tell stories at scale.
Marketing Tools
Redicine Medsol
Creating a device to improve medical adherence for cardiac & cancer patients
Draper Startup House
Enabling Startup Communities through living and working spaces!
Coworking Spaces, Investment Partners
ES Healthcare Centre
Gujarat's first premium healthcare centre, Your one stop solution for all medical essentials.
Empowering Indian Businesses with Easy and Powerful ERP + CRM Software to Increase Sales and Optimize Operations.
SaaS Startups
An all-in-one investment banking solution for India
Growth Iris
A digital agency built to help SaaS companies find their GTM and generate leads willing to buy subscriptions.
Creative and Marketing Agencies
The Headquarters
The Headquarters is a flexible office space provider who renders services in fully furnished offices, Managed offices and co-working offices. They have presence in 15 buildings with a portfolio of 3,75,000 Sft in Hyderabad.
Coworking Spaces
Helping you Hire, Retain & Manage Talent across India, USA, UK, Canada & Australia.
CoKarma is a coworking space and a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and businesses in Hyderabad.
Coworking Spaces
We design and make the most exciting and functional bags.
Candour Legal
Candour legal is India's top-rated law firm providing all legal services under one roof.
Legal Services
Discover Events Happening in Your City
Ahmedabad 100, SaaS Startups
Timechain Labs
Timechain labs is a global professional blockchain development services company with leading capabilities in blockchain solutions.
The only outreaching tool you will need to generate leads on autopilot.
Mumbai 100, SaaS Startups
About eChai Business Partner Program:

eChai Business Partner Program helps businesses and organisations get visibility and engagement within the eChai network.

Key benefits:

  • Engagement at relevant in-person eChai Meetups (~4 meetups/year)
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  • Feature on eChai.Ventures

eChai Business Partner program starts with Rs. 50,000+GST per year.

You can reach out to Jatin Chaudhary, Co-Founder, eChai Ventures over WhatsApp or over email at [email protected] to explore more about it.