More about Aditi Chopra

Joel Spolsky, co-founder of Stack Overflow, famously said, "Nothing works better than just improving your product.” And I, live by it.

Brainstorming, Innovating, Problem-Saving are not just business verbs for me, but the essence and inspiration of what I do and want to get better at.

After two years of work experience, I've now found strengths in the broad domain of Growth and am striving to be better at it everyday. Circular Economy is another subject area I enjoy taking deep dives in.

When I’m not working, I love hiking to rather less explored terrains in the outskirts of my city, play a game or two of football and/or make another attempt at finishing the comic set I've been writing for weeks now!

Meeting new people and learning new things is second nature to me, so please feel free to drop a hello and share your story. 

Featured speaker at previous eChai events: