Aditi Gupta - Managing Partner, Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta

Managing Partner, Menstrupedia

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Hiring Illustrators, Web developers and Script Writers | Founder Menstrupedia, Talks about #MenstrualEducation #WomanHealth #Entrepreneurship

Aditi Gupta runs Menstrupedia, the world’s most innovative company when it comes to teaching and learning about periods. She has educated more than 50,000 girls about periods, trained 10,000 educators, and impacted the lives of 13 million girls worldwide. 

Her Menstrupedia Comic uses storytelling and sequential art for educating young girls about periods in an informative and fun way. Over 25,500 schools in India use these comic books as a part of their curriculum. The Menstrupedia Comic is available in 20 languages and is used in 23 countries around the world. Her teaching techniques are culturally sensitive and widely accepted by over 1.5 lakh Indian Parents!

Aditi was named Forbes India 30 under 30, 2014 for her work towards breaking the taboo around menstruation. She is a TED speaker, a UN Goalkeeper, and was listed in BBC 100 women. Aditi was named the " Most Influential Women'' by BW Business World Magazine.

Aditi aspires to create a future where menstruation is not shameful but a welcoming change.

We are looking for senior writers who are passionate about teaching kids essential life skills through storytelling and comic books. You would be working on our TruBuddy comic books (

Apply if you can craft brilliant scripts and stories to effectively communicate teaching points to your readers.

Location : Ahmedabad

Experience: 2-4 years for experience

Salary: ₹6 Lakhs - ₹7.2 Lakhs a year (based on experience and expertise)

All details about the job position is here:
Life-changing lessons through fun and engaging stories delivered to you every month.
Menstrupedia, is the world's most innovative company in period and puberty education.

TruBuddy comic books are our latest series of Self-Development Comics for kids, it teaches life-changing lessons through fun and engaging stories.

I met my co-founder, Tuhin in 2008 at The National Institute of Design. At NID we teamed up for projects, eventually falling in love, our relationship sparked a realisation to Tuhin about the lack of menstrual education and the stigma surrounding it. My personal experiences and Tuhin's newfound understanding inspired us to address this gap. Leveraging our skills in communication and user experience design, we sought to provide trustworthy and accessible information on menstruation, recognizing its potential impact not only in India but also in other countries facing similar challenges.

In India, every year 1.2 core girls reach puberty. Since periods are a taboo, 85% of these girls would follow one or more restrictive customs.

1 in every 4 girls start to miss out on her school as she starts getting her periods . When a girl misses out on her education, she goes through systematic gender discrimination throughout her life. 

Also in schools, the chapter on periods comes much after the girls have started getting their periods. And in most of the cases teachers skip the topic. As they don’t know how to go about teaching about periods and puberty to their students,

Periods are a taboo in India. Tuhin and I saw it more like a communication design problem.

Menstrupedia Comics are now available in 17 languages and are being used by more than 25,500 schools as a part of their curriculum across India. Apart from India, the books are locally printed and published in 11 countries in their local language.

Tuhin and I are fundamentally different people with distinct skill sets, but when we work together, something magical happens. It's like we're yin and yang, complementing each other perfectly. Tuhin excels in product development, being very diligent in his approach. On the other hand, I bring strong research and people skills to the table. This is how we define our roles: Tuhin takes charge of all decisions related to product development and content creation, while I handle decisions regarding marketing and sales strategies for the book.

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