Agnes Kay

Head of Business Development,

More about Agnes Kay

What do I do? A bit of everything to accelerate the growth of Tech Startups and SMEs. Where? Across Asia. The focus is on Retention and Talent Acquisition of senior techno-commercial professionals. I also built inside sales and lead generation processes. 

How have I started the journey towards the Future of Work? Winning 2 grants for 2 faculties in 2 Universities, I could not choose, and I took them both. This way, I graduated from Sociology (economics and advertising) and Polish Philology (language for foreigners).

Education and facilitating communities became my lifetime passion. However, my primary focus was always in the business world. Exposure to various industries (from the energy market, renewable energy, in particular, investment and trading to education and entrepreneurs) provided a solid overview of functioning with and within organizations on all levels. Within 10 years of my career, I spent 5 in Business Development, 2 in Management, and 5 in Sales.

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