Agnim Gupta - Principal: Tech & Growth, Amrutam

Agnim Gupta

Principal: Tech & Growth, Amrutam

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Principal: Tech & Growth at Amrutam

An architect by profession and a trained Hindustani classical violinist. 2nd time entrepreneur. I tell stories and talk about architecture, startups, technology, music, community & web3.


Amrutam was founded in 2006 by Mr Ashok Gupta. Based out of the culturally rich town of Gwalior, as a family run business and brainchild of Sh. Ashok and Smt. Chandrakanta Gupta. In 2016, when their business faced massive financial loss, their children Agnim Gupta & Stuti Ashok Gupta joined the business. They took it upon themselves to reinvent and rebrand the company and its products. 

In 2017, Amrutam moved from supplying herbal medicines to medical stores, prescribed by doctors, to sell premium personal as well as healthcare OTC products online, through their website, directly to the consumers.


🚀 Recently, I had the opportunity to join an insightful panel alongside some incredible minds - Vandana Jain from Evident Capital, Priyank Jain, Co-founder of Soup-X, and the insightful moderator, Riten (Fueler).

Initially, I had my reservations, but thanks to Jatin Chaudhary's generosity in extending multiple invites, I decided to dive in. Grateful that I could overcome my inhibitions.

I questioned whether I could bring anything new to the table, considering my previous engagements on similar topics. It felt like everything I could share was already out there, accessible as playbooks or online courses. And as for my own and my brand's journey, well, it's right there on the internet for anyone to read.

But here's what this experience taught me:

1. Sometimes, we underestimate the value of our unique insights and journeys. We might think we've shared enough knowledge already, but there's always a fresh perspective or a new angle to offer. Your experiences are your own, and they can resonate with others on their own entrepreneurial journey.

2. The D2C space in India has indeed seen its fair share of repetition, especially in the post-COVID world. It's easy to fall into the same patterns and practices, but true pioneers stand out through innovation. Let's challenge the status quo and explore ways to set ourselves apart, beyond just products and sales channels.

Speaking at Draper Startup House and eChai Ventures event(s) is always a joy, and this time, it reminded me of the unique energy in Bangalore's startup ecosystem. It's an energy unlike any other, with an audience whose enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge were truly palpable.

And as we navigate the D2C landscape in India, let's remember that innovation, sustainable growth and authenticity are our guiding lights. While fundraising remains crucial, our focus should remain on building robust foundations, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and nurturing our long-term vision.

Here's to more enriching conversations and pushing the boundaries of D2C in Bharat! 🚀🇮🇳
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