Aleksander Gansen

Co-Founder, Supplain & WOF Labs

More about Aleksander Gansen

I’ve been an entrepreneur since high-school. Building products and services are what drive me. I do not really separate my work from what they call „a private life“. Solving customers' problems is my passion and hobby at the same time. I don't call it a job but a calling.

The entrepreneurial growth mindset is contagious. My wife, my sons and my daughters-in-law have become business owners. It's because of the air we breathe in this family.

I do appreciate moments of silence and meditation. I am hungry for the knowledge I’m getting from books, podcasts, webinars and functions. I love meeting people and learning about their cultures. I love great movies and plays. I enjoy travelling and sharing experiences with my family and friends.

To be a better student, I constantly teach what I have learned. My passion is to share my humble experience with upstarts. When possible, I coach or mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs. I am lucky to have the best mentors and amazing business partners I am learning from.

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