Anna Danes

Anna Danes

Founder, Ricaris
Barcelona, Spain
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Anna Danes
Founder, Ricaris
Barcelona, Spain
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Salem, Massachusetts, US

More about Anna Danes

I worked with several internet start-ups before founding Ricaris in 2009, a successful Multilingual Internet Services Company. Now it is time to take Ricaris to the next level: business is growing, and technology is bringing AI into the future of Multilingual Content Management, Validation, Customer Service and Localization.

Having worked and studied in different European countries, Asia, and the USA, I have a multicultural take on business so I understand your need to grow internationally.

On top of Ricaris and with my experience managing distributed teams and my firm beliefs that enterprises are responsible for creating a better world and work environment, I am part of Managing Virtual Teams, an experienced company offering help for companies dealing with remote environments. 

Featured speakers at eChai events