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Caroline Hughes
CEO, Lifetise
London, UK
Ketevan Meparishvili
Regional Manager, Asia, TWINO
Kunal Varma
Co-Founder, MoneyTap
Bengaluru, India
Anurag Jain
Founder, KredX
Bengaluru, India
Aditi Chopra
Growth, FamPay
Bengaluru, India
Chirutha Dalal
Co-Founder & COO, Pay1
Mumbai, India

More about Anurag Jain

Anurag Jain is the Founder & Executive Director at KredX – India's leading cash flow solutions provider to large Corporates and SMEs in India. An IIT Kanpur alumnus and a techie-turned-entrepreneur with 16+ years of experience in the financial services sector, he has vast experience in driving business growth in companies like HSBC, Oracle, and Tavant Technologies, before co-founding KredX, in 2015.

Anurag's in-depth knowledge of trade finance and innovative business model approach has positioned KredX as a reputable and trusted brand in the Fintech landscape. He is a firm believer of the philosophy 'Think Global, Act Local' and believes in implementing the same strategy in spearheading KredX. He is a programmer by heart and banker by profession!

A seasoned finance professional, Anurag is passionate about solving complex issues and disrupting the status quo in the supply chain finance ecosystem in India. He has also been involved in policy advocacy for fintech lending ecosystem by being a founding member of Digital Lenders Association of India (DLAI), a unified platform to drive key policy initiatives in the digital credit industry, escalating and recommending solutions for burning issues to the regulators, government authorities and other key industry stakeholders.

Featured speakers at eChai events