More about Avery Schrader

A Canadian guy living in Estonia building to help smart marketers turn ambassador programs into a powerful growth channel. Need to grow? Ask me anything 👉[email protected] 📬

I grew up in the east coast of Canada amongst the ocean and the trees. Lumberjacks and fisherman are cool and all, but I was hungry for something more. So I got the heck out of dodge and flew to Germany when I was 17.

After a couple of years, I read about the Silicon Valley of Europe in a Forbes article. I did not know anything business, I did not know startups, I did not know what I was doing. So I got on a plane and I flew here, to Estonia.

Since then I have failed and fought through a lot of mistakes. But also figured out i'm the "learning by doing" type.

We built a platform that is changing the way people think about ambassador marketing and shifting the industry from BS to ROI.

I want to help you grow your business. Whether you're a founder in a fresh new company or in the growth team of a fortune 500.

Smart marketers need data and speed, so that's exactly what we gave you with Modash. 100 million influencers and the best audience data in the world at your finger tips.

You just discovered an intuitive search engine that tells you exactly which influencers are speaking to your target audience anywhere in the world. Audience data and contact details at your fingertips.

Influencers, growth, startups or anything in-between my DMs and email are always open 👉[email protected] 📬

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