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Co-Founder at Brandspot365 (Formerly Brandspot365) is a mobile application which allow users to get personalized greetings with their company logo, details and product/service information.

You can't miss eChai Ventures social when it's all about cricket, chai, exciting stories from individuals and lots of knowledge sharing.

Special thanks to Abhishek Desai and Kuntal Shah for having us at CricHeroes HQ and sharing interesting insights about the Game of God in India and worldwide with their Growing network and love of cricket.

Thank you Jatin Chaudhary for the wonderful social. is revolutionizing branding for MSMEs/SMBs across India by providing business marketing posters, banners and festival posts to grow their business with 3 easy steps - select, Download, and Share!

Let me tell you a story that seems almost too good to be true. My name is Bhavesh, and this journey starts with a simple meeting that felt like fate. In 2019, in Ahmedabad, at a networking event by Patel Business Network, I met another Bhavesh -
Bhavesh Korat - Co-Founder & CEO, Bhavesh Korat
. We both believed in doing good for others, and that’s what brought us together.

We quickly realized we shared more than just a name; we had a common dream. So, in 2020, with a small team of six, we started Our goal was pretty straightforward: help small businesses in India make a name for themselves without breaking the bank.

The idea was to make branding simple and accessible. We wanted every small business owner to have the chance to tell their story, to stand out, and to grow. It felt like everything just clicked into place as we worked on this.

Now, looking back, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come. We’ve faced challenges, sure, but our belief in our mission has kept us going. We're not just building a company; we're hoping to inspire a whole community of entrepreneurs.

Our roles also complement as
Bhavesh Korat - Co-Founder & CEO, Bhavesh Korat
  manages the Tech, Finance, and sales, I manage Content and Marketing.
Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending an exhilarating session at the eChai's Startup Growth Networking Meetup, hosted by the dynamic Jatin Chaudhary at the prestigious IIMA Ventures, Ahmedabad.

Our panelists, each a trailblazer in their domain, shared their unique journeys and invaluable insights:

Zaiba Sarang from iThink Logistics is revolutionizing the logistics sector by significantly reducing product return ratios - a game-changer for brands.

Aditya Shah from Because demonstrated how they're helping brands carve their unique voice in a crowded market.

Vishakha Shah from Venus Logistics shared her experiences in the distinct US logistics market, creating substantial waves in the industry.

Sushil Agrawal's initiative, Saarthi Pedagogy, is impacting over 10 lakh students across India, revolutionizing the educational landscape.

The energy was palpable as young entrepreneurs eagerly engaged with the panelists, seeking wisdom on multitasking and effective management as founders.

Ziaba's anecdotes about customer feedback enhancing their product, Sushil's insights on fundraising, Aditya's take on cultivating a growth-oriented work culture, and Vishakha's candid sharing of the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs, added layers of depth to the discussion.

Kudos to Jatin Chaudhary for his relentless efforts and consistency in creating this one-of-a-kind platform that not only connects but inspires and empowers the startup community.
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As the co-founder of, I recently had the incredible opportunity to present our app at the Echai Demo Day held at the prestigious MICA Institute as part of MICAVERSE.

It was an exhilarating experience to showcase how empowers Indian small and medium businesses with innovative AI social media solutions.

A heartfelt thank you to Jatin Chaudhary of eChai Ventures for this amazing opportunity. Your platform continues to be a beacon for startups and innovators.

Special thanks to the dynamic duo, Udit Goenka and Pratik Patel from Yudiz Solutions for their insights and support. Your guidance is a cornerstone in our journey towards empowering businesses through technology.

To all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, remember: every presentation, every meeting is a step closer to your dream. Let's keep innovating and growing together!

Exciting day was not completed without the another great session on Growth by eChai Ventures at IIMA Ventures with great panel with intense and deep conversation on business growth, startup hurdales, mindset for growth and lead generation. Jatin Chaudhary curated a great panel with Shani Pandya , @sumit from Curlin.Official (Backed by Udit Goenka from and @vikas mundhra from Magenta Insights.
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