More about Chirag Panchal

Founder & CEO ENERLYF | Energy efficiency - Quality Sleep - Higher Productivity

As is the case with many startup founders, I wear many hats which include business development, product innovation and marketing. 

A big part of what I do involves creating technology that improves how people consume energy while saving and creating a sustainable future. 

I like to solve problems and throughout the years, I have been intrigued by my intellectual curiosity to find solutions to the most pressing problems. I believe in lifelong learning and this has enabled me to innovate and thrive. 

Outside work, you will find me close to nature. I am a fitness enthusiast who loves socializing and trekking. 

We are building Enerlyf, in a way that is right for you and for the environment.

If you too share the same love of advancement, please have no qualms to connect.

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