Debi Kar - Co-Founder & CEO, Personifwy

Debi Kar

Co-Founder & CEO, Personifwy

More about Debi Kar

Debi is an entrepreneur, senior technology leader with over 17 years of experience across organizations like Infosys, Deloitte and Amazon. He is obsessed with people analytics, digital disruption, cloud technology and innovations. He has varied experience of working from services, consulting to Product Management including co-founding his own start up. 

Debi is currently co-founder & CEO of Personifwy – an AI based workforce engagement platform. Through this, he aims to build a culture of feedback, workforce centricity approach and a insight driven HR system within organizations.

He has also been part of Deloitte CTO Council and was an author of technology trend research report. 
At AWS, he led the business unit to support all large digital native unicorns in India. He works and advises many CEOs, CIOs and CTOs to implement modern digital solutions in Conversational AI, Analytics and Cloud based solutions. He also spends time teaching at various universities and speaking in forums on topics such as Paradigm Shift in Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, future tech trends and digital disruptions. He has worked across geographies including US, UK, Japan and India. 
Debi holds advance management degree from Haas School of Business, University of Berkeley, California


Technology Strategy and Implementation in Big Data, Machine Learning, Conversational AI
Consumer focused solution Conceptualization and Development
Large Program Ownership and Project Delivery 
Senior Stake holder management 
Quick Technology Adoption
Real World Evidence for Life Science

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