Divya Kalra

Co-Founder, iCarry.in & ShopHealthy.in

More about Divya Kalra

I am Divya, an IT professional by qualification a “serial entrepreneur” by profession.  Over the last 8 years, I have conceptualized, co-founded and scaled two businesses – ShopHealthy.in (B2C) and iCarry.in (B2B). 

Prior to that, I have over 20 years of experience in the corporate world (mostly in the US and some in India) in senior leadership  in MNCs like La-Z-Boy, Genentech, Abbot Labs, Brocade & IBM. Have graduated with a Masters in Computer Science and PMP in the US, spent over a decade growing a flourishing career in the corporate world there. Moved from the Silicon Valley in the US (San Francisco) to the Silicon Valley in India (Bangalore) in late 2008 and continued the corporate lifestyle here for a while. 

Being in India this time as a mother, made me realize how difficult it was to find unadulterated, organic and natural food, health supplements and bath and body products for our family. It was a fairly unorganized market and access to these natural holistic health products was impossible in a single store. Back then, eCommerce was not popular in India, Flipkart was just starting out as an online bookstore and Amazon had not even entered India. Infact, there was no Google Maps as well so moving from the US to India really felt difficult in so many ways. This is when we decided we needed to solve this problem ourselves if we wanted to serve the best to our own family. Thus began the idea of our first startup ShopHealthy.in – an eCommerce marketplace with a vision to bring dietary supplements for all health conditions, organic food products, natural bath and body products – all under one roof to make it easily available to everyone in India and spread the message of a healthy lifestyle. Our motto is – Eat Well, Feel Well & Live Well. Our USP is that we tie up directly with the manufacturers to bring authentic products to our customers. 

Fast forward to now, 8 years later, ShopHealthy.in has grown to carry more than 100,000 products today – including homeopathy, ayurveda and even online doctor consults. And with us managing logistics from 1000+ sellers across India, we have carved out the logistics service as a separate company iCarry.in – to be able to provide the same affordable, reliable and convenient logistics service to all businesses across the country. The need arose when our sellers requested for this kind of service for their business outside of ShopHealthy.in as well. 

So our second startup iCarry.in is a simple, convenient, affordable and reliable courier service catered for home entrepreneurs & small businesses who are selling products using social media, e-commerce websites & apps and require inter-city and intra-city shipping. Many of our clients are women who are selling cosmetics, handicrafts, fashion jewellery, apparel etc. We have tied up with multiple couriers at the back-end to enable door to door shipping. We have used an API-first approach and so all our services are available via standardized API i.e. our customer can use a single set of API to get access to shipping services across multiple couriers in the back-end. Our own website also uses this same API and provides a simple and easy to use user experience as many of our customers are not tech savvy.

With reach in over 20,000 pin codes all over the country due to our courier tie-ups, we send the courier partner pickup person to your doorstep anywhere in India. iCarry.in is based on proven technology that manages shipments for over a thousand sellers of ShopHealthy.in for last 6+ years. Our vision is to empower small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs so that they can really focus on their business growth instead of worrying about operational activities such as shipments. 

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