Dolly Singh - Co-Founder, Hindi Recipe

Dolly Singh

Co-Founder, Hindi Recipe

More about Dolly Singh

7.5M+ Organic traffic on Hindi recipe website, Frontend Developer, Built 20+ complex projects, Digital marketer & co-founder of Hindi recipe

Developer by profession and a youtuber by heart. ❤️
I share my knowledge by creating projects & Coding videos. Check out my YouTube channel- @codewithdolly

- Javascript, Reactjs, Nextjs, jQuery
- Node, Express, Mongodb

Also I have worked:
- Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, Blogging, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Photoshop (Basics) and Video Editing (Basics).

My Achievements:
🏆My Portfolio got selected in Top 20 by JS expert Akshay Saini.🤩

🏆Won HiCoder Website Development competition for completing 14 paged website in 3 days from scratch.

🏆Chosen for Women in Tech @IIIT for launching and gaining 90,000+ visitors in a month without ads. Till now 44M+ users came and learn to cook good food. we bring 1,20000 users every month.

My Complex Projects:
- Youtube(built in 10 days)
- A Static Website (14 page, built in 3 days)
- Myntra 
- Stack overflow
- Slack 
- WhatsApp Web
- CoWin (Covid cure website)
- Ecommerce website
- News Website
- A Game website and more
NOTE:- All projects has been made from scratch and they are not copied from anywhere/youtube.

📍You can check My all projects here :
📍My YouTube Channel Link -

I keep posting my knowledge and life experiences that might help others on LinkedIn. 
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