Donald Doane

Donald Doane

Co-Founder, ConnectYard
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Donald Doane
Co-Founder, ConnectYard
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More about Donald Doane

Donald Doane is the CEO of ConnectYard. Founded in 2007, ConnectYard specializes in helping colleges and universities tap the power of social media for student recruitment, retention and alumni re-engagement.

Previously, Doane founded OpenDemand in early 2000 and served as the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer. Doane has been involved with testing and analyzing the performance of Web sites and applications since the first commercial Web load/stress testing tools were introduced on the market and was one of the early visionaries to recognize the business need for companies to quickly adapt to the "open", or unlimited, demand of the Internet.

Prior to OpenDemand, Doane held various senior-level and key management positions with companies including Ovid Technologies, Qwest Communications, Icon CMT Corp. and Interworld Technology Ventures, and has provided consulting services to large accounts such as UBS, CBS, CitiCorp, Bear Stearns, US Clearing Corp., and PR Newswire.
Donald Doane received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the Cornell University, College of Engineering.

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