More about Eela Dubey

Eela aims to revolutionise ed-fintech by bringing quality education to every child and holistic financial guidance for every parent. 

Her vision is to have EduFund become a household name in education planning. Eela received her undergraduate degree from New York University, where she studied political science and French. 

Shortly after, she went on to pursue her masters degree at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University but had to drop out of the program to her own financial challenges. 

Keen to become financially independent and pay off her loans, Eela began her career working in finance industry, wherein she acquired a robust understanding of the world of investments and business. It was her own personal experience, along with her background in finance that drove her to start EduFund. 

As the co-founder of EduFund, she brings together the ethos of determination and empathy with the goal of changing the way Indian parents save for their children’s future.

Featured speaker at previous eChai events: