More about Gabriel Henry Lopez

I want to make a world where work is easy. A world where people can put all their focus on the important tasks instead of tedious ones.

I dream of a world where everyone can chase their passions and do what they love every single day. 

With the power of artificial intelligence and various other technologies, I believe we can automate the simple stuff. Allowing us to focus on the more complex problems that only humans can solve. 


MedHyve is a medical marketspace that aims to empower small-medium medical institutions by giving them AI-powered tools and dashboards that give them the same procurement power as large hospitals. Our goal is to make procurement on medical procurement on platform so easy, that it's almost impossible to do it anywhere else.

As CTO and Co-founder I have to do a lot of things that range anywhere from managing teams, managing the business's backend, and delivering pitches to events and investors. These are the main highlights: 

• Manage, train, and hire developers
• Develop and maintain features for Rails+React web app
• Dockerize and maintain web app stack
• Create and manage containerized AWS cloud deployment
• Interview for User Feedback
• Manage product feature roadmapping
• Pitching in public events and to investors

Featured speaker at previous eChai events: