More about Gauri Noolkar - Oak

8+ years of project management experience across development and media sectors. Currently handling communications and business operations at a VC fund. My KRAs have been 

a) setting up internal processes and ensuring follow through 
b) research & analysis, creating analytical reports 
c) leading project management efforts with diverse stakeholders 
d) building teams and collaborations.

Good at detailing, optimizing available resources, taking initiative and working under tight deadlines. Worked across sectors in geopolitics, development, and media. Currently working with a VC Fund. 

Well-travelled (12+ countries and all four corners of India) with an interest in people and cultures. 

In my spare time, I read, embroider, play badminton, travel, and write travelogues and poetry.


Clueless Monk is a unique digital marketing agency which provides digital outreach services to knowledge-based companies.

Key Functions
- Spearheaded content strategy, research & creation
- Set up client servicing processes ensuring 100% meeting of deadlines
- Built & trained team in writing, research, and strategy

Featured speaker at previous eChai events: