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Hi, I'm Hanuj Tilwani, Operations & Marketing strategist by Profession & Entrepreneur by Heart!

Since my childhood (Literally, I was 10 years old), I have been involved in business one way or the other. 

My first was as a salesman at my father's retail cloth store, where I made the first sale of Rs 1200. Since then have aspired to a Business of my own. 

Fascinated by technology, I ended up taking Computer Engineering as my bachelor's, Just to end up realizing that I am not meant for jobs that have little or no people interaction.

Having luckily understood that very early during my early days of engineering, I started hunting for my interest ending up working in different industries like Education, Events, Media, Advertising, Textile, Renewables & Trainings.

Meanwhile, I also tried my hands on entrepreneurship twice. Once with a customized t-shirts startup named UniBrand, wherein we aimed at disrupting this industry by adding AR elements to it. Being too early in the game we didn't succeed. 

The second time, I tried starting something of my own was in the education sector. We at TinkerStore tried promoting holistic education in the schools and colleges by making them aware of various skill-based educational products available in the market.

Failing on both of the above ventures, I felt a need of going back and learning before starting something of my own again (Which I surely will someday :-P).

Having been part of various roles, I have identified my interest in the education sector at roles while including operations & strategizing of various initiatives for the growth of the organization.

As a part of my roles at various jobs, I have impacted the lives of over 3000+ teachers by training programs, 1 Lac+ Student by empowering them with the right resources and over 10+ Graduates by helping them find the right career path to grow further in their lives. I have also connected with 3K+ schools & colleges nationwide as a part of various job roles & my initiatives.

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