More about Kanishka Patel

Founder and CEO at WeHear | Creating a complete hearing care solution

Founder and Team leader at WeHear. Currently creating a complete hearing care solution. 

Wehear is a leading audio technology startup, working on innovative audio solutions. WeHear OX is the world’s first “SmartHeadphone” working on innovative bone conduction technology, which allows you to hear without your ears. The device comes up with smart features like real-time translator, language learning, and many more. WeHear has patented World’s first non-surgical Bone-conduction Hearing Aid Product “HearNU”. This device is non-invasive and gives solutions for people with profound hearing loss too. HearNU device is appreciated by former President of India Shri Ramnath Kovind and recommended by leading ENT and Audiologists across the World.

Education background is Electronics Engineer and worked on embedded systems and programming skills including Keil, ARM, Arduino, Android, JavaScript, React and Matlab. Experience in team leading and product development for two years. I also have 2 years of robotics experience in an international competition of Robocon. Majorly interested in Entrepreneurship, Electronics, Embedded Systems , Android development, Robotics and Web app development.