More about Kate Fairhurst

For start ups and scale ups, it's all about growth. If you want to get past the painful stage of development, you need to be able to build your audiences and your revenues quickly and effectively. I help businesses with this challenge.

For much of my time this is as a co-founder of growth agency, GrowthMinds. We solve a core business challenge for scale ups: how to execute on the many technical components to digital marketing without the budget to hire huge teams of specialists. GrowthMinds plugs in as an external marketing department, wrapping our arms around everything from CMO strategy to campaign execution and data analysis.

The rest of my time is all about giving back. I mentor businesses on their growth strategies and help companies who need to find the right message, channel and tactics to succeed. From fintech scale ups to social enterprise start ups, I support leadership teams with advice and encouragement to get where they are going. It's lots of fun and is really quite rewarding too.

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