More about Kimmo Rytkönen

With over 15 years of experience in consumer lending and fintech I have successfully founded, managed and advised several fintech companies and have a strong understanding of what it takes to build a data driven B2C business and how to achieve scale and profitability fast. I’m following actively the peer-to-peer industry and developments in embedded finance.

I’m the founder and CEO of Income, the next generation peer-to-peer marketplace that is introducing a new standard of investor protection to peer-to-peer.

My recent achievements are

- co-founding Tunaiku, the flagship product of Bank Amar and the leading digital lending brand in Indonesia. Since founding of Tunaiku, bank Amar has quickly become a success story of financial inclusion and it successfully completed an IPO in early 2020 and is listed on IDX with a market cap of nearly USD 200 million. I´m currently a member of the steering committee of the bank.

-As the co-founder and Group CEO of the Supernova / Aasa consumer lending group, I oversaw the company’s expansion in several European markets, reaching 200 million EUR balance sheet and 80 million EUR in annual revenue. Also took the company through a difficult debt and equity restructuring while successfully managing different stakeholder groups and guiding the company´s exit from unprofitable markets. I left the company in 2019 well positioned for growth and future success.

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