Kristel Uibo - Founder, WIBE Organic

Kristel Uibo

Founder, WIBE Organic

More about Kristel Uibo

Innovative Manufacturer, Supplier to Retail Stores, Corporate Clients of Own Logo Branded Personalised Business or White Labelled Hand Made Chocolates with Personalised Gift Messaging Options.

We are Organic Certified use Hand Picked Fresh Ingredients Locally Sourced Estonia, Baltics Region Supporting Farmers and Growers. We only use the highest quality Criollo Cocoa from certified Organic, Fair Trade Puruvian Growers, to create the highest quality premium products.

We constantly develop new and exciting recipes with seasonal fruits, berries and produce in our own factory in Tallinn, some of our products are sold to premier clients exclusively.

We have invested in premium gift boxing, presentation plus wrapping solutions to promote your company, its branding, logo, messaging to make each gift box feel special for the recipient, client or employee. We also have distribution solutions to deliver directly to your client.

Magusameistrid is pleased to serve a number of the largest Estonian corporate organisations in promoting trade events, awards, christmas gifts for their teams, this helps to build both client and employee loyalty.

We are also introducing a major investment in the superfoods, energy bars market whilst keeping our core value promise and mission: Organic, Ethical, Sustainable, Supporting our Business Partners.

Our products come from certified organic farming, supporting rural development, agricultural diversity, a cleaner living environment and human health. With some special limited ranges coming from wild handpicked produce.

Feel free to make contact with me or my team to explore how our Personalised Gift Range's of Chocolates, Truffles, Energy Bars or Superfoods can enhance your brand.

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The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network through an annual subscription.

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