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Vladimir Funtikov
Co-Founder & CEO, Creative Mobile
Tallinn, Estonia
Kalev Kärpuk
Founder & CEO, Adact
Tallinn, Estonia
Kristian Kalle
Founder & CEO, VideoCV
Tallinn, Estonia

More about Kristian Kalle

I’m from a very entrepreneurially minded family, my father has always been a great role model for me. He most certainly paved a way for my entrepreneurial way of life. Always trying to think of something someone has not done yet.

I played basketball for about half of my lifetime, 15 years as a pro basketballer in Estonia. That journey ended with a wrist injury which, to be fair, directed me towards my other passion – entrepreneurship. No good without the bad, right? So, I went to study Business and Marketing in Denmark.

About 4 years later, VideoCV - a talent-assessment screening tool was born.

VideoCV is set to make a change by:

- Helping recruiters evaluate candidates based on the most important - PERSONALITY

- We provide an alternative to basic CV approach and show recruiters the way past ill first impression

- Our talent assessment tool helps companies be more efficient and reduce time to hire

If you see the value in changing the old ways in order to evolve then don’t hesitate to message me!

Featured speakers at eChai events