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Speakers at this event:
Mangesh Panditrao
CEO, graas.ai India
Pune, India
Tanmay Ratnaparkhe
Co-Founder, Predis.ai
Pune, India
Girish Kukreja
Founder, FlexC
Pune, India
Tarun Malaviya
Co-Founder & CEO, mithi.com
Pune, India

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Leveraging AI to drive growth for brands across d2c and marketplaces

I lead Graas India.

Earlier Co-Founder & CEO of Shoptimize (Acquired by Graas)

Shoptimize provides eCommerce as a service. We are focused on helping Indian merchants grow their eCommerce business as the Indian consumer starts spending more and more time online from mobile devices. My role is to lead the organization through the initial phases of rapid growth and abundant uncertainty. We are committed to being India's no. 1 eCommerce platform for brand websites.

Featured speakers at eChai events