More about Manish Ranjan

NanoHealth is an organization providing proactive and continuous care for managing chronic conditions. It has pioneered an integrated care coordination model with the right blend of human touch and technology to combat non-communicable diseases (NCDs) at scale.

Grand Prize Winner of the prestigious Hult Prize in 2014, NanoHealth has touched over 70000 people across communities, corporates and households, bringing a deep impact in improving their health and quality of life. We aspire to reduce the growing burden of NCDs in India and prevent premature deaths by addressing challenges like under-diagnosis, poor prescription compliance, and non-standardized treatment.

NanoHealth's partnerships with various Government bodies, corporate houses and communities are the cornerstones of its vision towards leading the change from reactive and episodic care to proactive and continuous care.

Prior to founding NanoHealth, I was working as a consultant with i2 Technologies (JDA) for eight years wherein I designed business processes aimed at driving efficiency and profitability for large multinational firms. I intend to use the same expertise in designing healthcare systems that can reduce the socioeconomic burden of chronic diseases. I believe in a user engagement model with the right blend of human touch and technology that can revolutionize healthcare as we understand today. Through NanoHealth we are changing reactive and fragmented healthcare to a proactive, continuous and coordinated healthcare. Do you want to join the journey? 

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