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More about Manoj Adwani

- 14 years of Technology experience in India and Singapore ranging from Startup to Corporate like Barclays.
- Currently building Bizsomia - Social Commerce platform for SME's

✔️ Startup Experience
- Took a plunge into Startup world during Mar'21
- Have grown the Bizsomia from ideation to 20K+ users
- Involved in designing of each page and flow of application
- Planning marketing strategies and executing. Making videos as part of promotion material
- Have done all roles from being Product manager to Customer care executive

✔️ Corporate Experience
- Have been involved in various roles such Software Testing, IT Support and niche such as Technology Risk
- Have managed and executed projects at enterprise level
- Got experience of facing auditors and regulators
- Worked with C level staff of organization to do risk assessment and execute strategies

✔️ As an individual
- Love to run community events. Lead Surat chapter of eChai where I moderate monthly events featuring journey of Startup founders
- Always like to experiment and learn new things. This has helped me a lot in my career
- Love to travel, but in budget. 

I am back from SaaSBoomi Annual 2024, held in Chennai 😎

🔹Not long ago, Chennai struggled to attract Investors.

🔹Fast forward to 7th Mar 2024 - Investors from all over globe flew to Chennai, eager to see what SaaS Founders are building and offer them help, guidance and capital

Visionaries like Girish Mathrubootham and Avinash Raghava reinstate the thought - Think Big, and everything becomes possible

Huge shout out to Team SaasBoomi and all the volunteers for putting up such a incredible event 🙌
Hey Manoj, what do you do?
I had never thought, that this simple question can be so difficult to answer. Here is how my answer to this question has changed in last 3 years.

• Until Feb 2021, before I left my Corporate job - I am a Technology Risk Manager at Barclays, Singapore 👜

• From Mar 2021 to July 2022 - I am Founder of Bizsomia ⚽

• After we stopped working on Bizsomia - I found myself grappling with an Identity crisis as I struggled to define my professional narrative 🌶

• Between Aug 2022 to Dec 2023 - Though I was doing various things such as Consulting, Running Course and Hosting podcast, still I had no definite answer 🤐

• Jan 2024 onwards - I am Director at WebOsmotic and Co-Founder at 🚀

Transitioning from a Corporate job to the Startup world isn't just about starting something new; it's about persevering through the challenges and maintaining your sense of identity along the way.

P.S : Today marks my 3 year anniversary in Startup Ecosystem and I am proud of my journey 😎
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Here is your chance to meet the Surat Founders who appeared in "Shark Tank Season 3" 🦈 at next eChai meetup in Surat.

📅 When : 16 Feb (Fri) - 6pm
📍 Where : Logicwind Terrace, Piplod, Surat

👉 Free Registration :

P.S. : Alpino Health Foods is from Season 1. They are more than a Guest, they are co-host ❤️

eChai Ventures | Jatin Chaudhary 
I am thankful to eChai Ventures for giving me this wonderful opportunity to present | The Intranet 😊  

Great cheers to whole community for support and sharing honest feedback 🙌 

And yes, this is just a start, many more to go ❤️ 
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I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as "Director of Growth" at WebOsmotic Private Limited!
Here is the background story 📖

- June 2022 : I first met Vipul Jain, CEO of WebOsmotic Private Limited in a networking event

- Oct 2022 : I introduced PEPC, a course tailored for growing IT companies, to provide them fundamental principles of Project Management

- April 2023 : I got invited to deliver the PEPC course for employees of WebOsmotic. During the course, I developed a strong connection with Vipul and his team

- Sept 2023 : Vipul recognized the need to streamline the Processes, KPI's and SOP's and I joined WebOsmotic as a Part-time consultant to enhance the company's operational framework

- Dec 2023 : As the collaboration flourished, I and Vipul decided to explore further possibilities for Growth and Synergy

🎈 Jan 2024 : Thrilled to announce the new role and launch of a 
#saas product - | The Intranet

Vipul - Appreciate your trust in me. Lets Grow together 🚀

Many thanks to all the team members of WebOsmotic Private Limited for giving me such a warm welcome 🙌

Location Courtesy : Skydeck - Rooftop premium lounge 🥂
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The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network through an annual subscription.

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