More about Manoj Adwani

- 14 years of Technology experience in India and Singapore ranging from Startup to Corporate like Barclays.
- Currently building Bizsomia - Social Commerce platform for SME's

✔️ Startup Experience
- Took a plunge into Startup world during Mar'21
- Have grown the Bizsomia from ideation to 20K+ users
- Involved in designing of each page and flow of application
- Planning marketing strategies and executing. Making videos as part of promotion material
- Have done all roles from being Product manager to Customer care executive

✔️ Corporate Experience
- Have been involved in various roles such Software Testing, IT Support and niche such as Technology Risk
- Have managed and executed projects at enterprise level
- Got experience of facing auditors and regulators
- Worked with C level staff of organization to do risk assessment and execute strategies

✔️ As an individual
- Love to run community events. Lead Surat chapter of eChai where I moderate monthly events featuring journey of Startup founders
- Always like to experiment and learn new things. This has helped me a lot in my career
- Love to travel, but in budget. 

Here is your chance to meet the Surat Founders who appeared in "Shark Tank Season 3" 🦈 at next eChai meetup in Surat.

📅 When : 16 Feb (Fri) - 6pm
📍 Where : Logicwind Terrace, Piplod, Surat

👉 Free Registration :

P.S. : Alpino Health Foods is from Season 1. They are more than a Guest, they are co-host ❤️

eChai Ventures | Jatin Chaudhary 
I am thankful to eChai Ventures for giving me this wonderful opportunity to present | The Intranet 😊  

Great cheers to whole community for support and sharing honest feedback 🙌 

And yes, this is just a start, many more to go ❤️ 
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I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as "Director of Growth" at WebOsmotic Private Limited!
Here is the background story 📖

- June 2022 : I first met Vipul Jain, CEO of WebOsmotic Private Limited in a networking event

- Oct 2022 : I introduced PEPC, a course tailored for growing IT companies, to provide them fundamental principles of Project Management

- April 2023 : I got invited to deliver the PEPC course for employees of WebOsmotic. During the course, I developed a strong connection with Vipul and his team

- Sept 2023 : Vipul recognized the need to streamline the Processes, KPI's and SOP's and I joined WebOsmotic as a Part-time consultant to enhance the company's operational framework

- Dec 2023 : As the collaboration flourished, I and Vipul decided to explore further possibilities for Growth and Synergy

🎈 Jan 2024 : Thrilled to announce the new role and launch of a 
#saas product - | The Intranet

Vipul - Appreciate your trust in me. Lets Grow together 🚀

Many thanks to all the team members of WebOsmotic Private Limited for giving me such a warm welcome 🙌

Location Courtesy : Skydeck - Rooftop premium lounge 🥂
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