Featured speaker at past eChai events:
SaaS Founders Meetup in Indore
Fri, Jul 22, 2022 12:30pm UTC
Speakers at this event:
Komal Chaturvedi
Co-Founder, MotionGility
Indore, India
Manoj Dhanotiya
Founder, AiTrillion
Indore, India
Piyush Nagar
Founder, Sixth Sense IT Solutions
Indore, India
Milin Desai
Founder, ConfabPro
Vadodara, India

More about Manoj Dhanotiya

The first-generation entrepreneur turned Investor in the SAAS space. Manoj is the founder of AiTrillion & actively working with startups. Manoj is currently investing as well as helping in fundraising for multiple SAAS & eCommerce firms around the globe. Manoj Is Ex CEO - GoWebBaby | Ex CEO Aitrillion.

A University Of Cincinnati (OH) Alumni with 13+ Years Of Management & Technology Experience, Helped 1000's of eCommerce Stores Launch, Built ERP, Law CRM & Accomplished Many Large Scale Tech Projects.

He has partnered with clients in industries ranging from eCommerce, financial services, travel, and leisure to technology. He has helped 1000+ clients like TeleBrands, Harley Davidson NY, 1800LawFirm, UC, HBSU, Bully Max, etc. gain unparalleled insights into effectively developing business websites/software and services in today’s increasingly complex online business space. Manoj continues to provide clients with forward-thinking answers to overcome their critical business challenges with the help of IT solutions.

Prior to starting Gowebbaby he worked for CAGIS in Cincinnati and also provided IT consulting to several US Businesses including the University of Cincinnati. 

His academic credentials include Leading With Finance From Harvard, Master’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati, and Bachelor in Science from DAVV India. And Yes Manoj did drop out from his second Masters (CS) to start this now a successful Web Enterprise.

Featured speakers at eChai events