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Philip Verzun
Founder & CEO, Consorto
Tallinn, Estonia
Kristjan Vanaselja
Co-Founder & CEO, GoWorkaBit
Tallinn, Estonia
Marit Alaväli
Founder, Recrur
Tallinn, Estonia

More about Marit Alaväli

I am a human, a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur with my strengths and weaknesses, feelings and emotions. Started my career as an assistant, grew step by step from HR manager to CEO, then to entrepreneur. Experienced success, challenges and burn-down in business. Recovered and learnt from the experiences - the practical steps on what to do differently, what to avoid and how to manage the pain and emotions. I don’t regret it. Today I am thankful and I’ve understood that the journey has changed me to be a better, a stronger and more experienced person. 

I love working with people even though sometimes it’s challenging and I don’t fully understand them. For years, I have been working to change the mindset in recruitment. I truly believe that a work relationship must be a partnership and it starts with the right mindset in recruitment. The way I contribute to change the mindset is through Recrur. 

Recrur connects the best candidates, employers and the recruiters without any hassle!

It does not matter what or where I work, it matters how I do it - valuing people around me, working to meet goals and enjoying the process. When it is over, it’s time to step out of the boat and find a new challenge.

Featured speakers at eChai events