Meetul Shah - Founder, DemandMatrix & Angel Investor

Meetul Shah

Founder, DemandMatrix & Angel Investor

More about Meetul Shah

Meetul likes to create and bring products to market that solve his own problems. He has a rare combination of business acumen with technical expertise. He is deeply passionate about martech, salestech, B2B SaaS, Metaverse and applying tech to traditional businesses! 

He has done 4 B2B SaaS companies in the past. He was the founder of DemandMatrix, LookAcross, Knouen and IGCC. DemandMatrix was a solo founder and bootstrapped journey that was sold to Demandbase last year! 

Meetul started IGCC when he was 18yrs old. He is an active angel investor in many companies and advisor to several startups. He is an Idea machine, health freak and wine lover.

Meetul has sold to and worked for many enterprise companies such as Google, Amazon, McAfee, SunLife Financials, Schlumburger, Microsoft, LRS, Laerdal and Yahoo etc

He has been featured in several major publications. Products that he has worked on have been covered in pretty much every publication that covers technology in some way, including CIO, Silicon India, NYT, WSJ, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Venture Beat, Ted, and more.

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