Mohit Gadhiya - Co-Founder, Raja Rani Coaching

Mohit Gadhiya

Co-Founder, Raja Rani Coaching

More about Mohit Gadhiya

Raja-Rani Coaching is a premier institution in sewing and fashion design education, blending online and in-person learning seamlessly. Guided by the visionary duo, Mr. Mohit and Mrs. Priya, our institute has expanded remarkably, now serving over 2 million+ members. 

Our growth is driven by a strategy that combines digital engagement with practical workshops. We offer in-depth courses, complete with practice kits, that equip our students with the necessary skills and insights for the fashion industry. 

Our dedication to integrating technology into education positions Raja-Rani Coaching as a leader in the field, developing a new generation of designers and sewing enthusiasts who are set for international success.