Monika Mehta

Co-Founder & CEO, Zealth AI

More about Monika Mehta

I am a passionate entrepreneur working towards building the future of value-based healthcare. And here is why I decided to go for entrepreneurship instead of staying in a corporate job:

1. Inspired from my personal experience of Iosing a very close family member- first handedly experienced the gaps that exist in the healthcare system- decided to build a solution so that millions of others can potentially be saved.

2. I feel nothing can be more satisfying than building an organisation from scratch - that adrenaline rush is what keeps me going.

3. I have a strong urge to create something that lasts way beyond myself- want to grow it to scale and grow as a professional along with it.

Before starting up, I worked with some of the leading hospitals in Singapore as well as in collaboration with Oxford. Worked on exciting drugs for autoimmune diseases and cancer during my PhD at School of Medicine, NUS; in my last job at a top Pharma Company, I led various oncology projects in collaboration with Roche and Genentech.

During the last 10 years, I developed skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, and a goal-oriented growth mindset through various roles. I follow the simple principle- "fail fast, learn faster” :)

Zealth AI:

Zealth’s mission is to move reactive healthcare to proactive. 200M chronic outpatients in India suffer every year because of poor management of their condition at home. We all have heard doctors telling; oh, you came to the emergency too late!! If you came on time, the patient could have survived or at least lived longer.
This situation is worse for cancer. With only 2200 oncologists in the country, patients either get diagnosed very late or even after they are diagnosed, are unable to manage the complications at home. This leads to 3X poor patient outcomes and high treatment costs. Zealth solves this problem through its intelligent digital software that provides continuous remote care to patients at home.

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