More about Mukesh Malik

Mukesh Malik is an entrepreneur, who has learnt business management through on the ground practices and implementation by some wonderful mentors. 

He strongly believes in structured as well as on the ground leaning, especially in the highly dynamic and innovative world today, with the experience of 20 years and 100+ organizations, working towards building a world class consulting set up. Not just corporates, his startup experience goes beyond mentoring 50+ startups and evaluating 1000s of them. 

His Consulting practice, GK Consulting has helped organizations evolve through SaaS, Mobile (from pre app era to current set ups), IoT, AI, Virtual Organizations and many more technological innovations. The corporate cohort of 184 organizations and counting, adding that with the rural outreach of 85,000+ villages through multiple associations. 

Startup evangelisation began with a 2 year+ stint at ah! Ventures, where he built evaluation and funding frameworks and also co-founded the biggest ecosystem drive in country through SMARTup, which conducted more than 2,500 1-on-1 interactions between startups and investors across 14 cities and 2 countries. 

He continues to contribute to ecosystem through Growth Kinetics, where, we have generated orders worth $700K during last 2 quarters and is looking for innovative startup solutions to deploy $5M through Growth Kinetics Syndicate & Network during the next 2 quarters.     

Strong believer of power of persuasion & resilience to overcome all challenges.

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